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john-tom steam engine plans

RC Plans, Home Workshop Projects, Model, Replica and Steam Engine Plans


Radio Control Ship And Boat Plans - including free downloads

RC Ship Plans Download Tug Boat Plans Model Thai Long Tail Boat Plans Wooden Boat Plans

A collection of RC Aircraft plans and blueprints, Free RC Boat plans and RC and full size hovercraft plans. I have tried to include the plans which are not available on other sites. If you have just started searching for plans I would advise you to purchase a good quality set of plans for your first attempt at building your own RC Crane Plans- Classic Wooden Boat Plans Downloads and Model Sailing Ship Plans


Steam Engine Plans and Steam Engines In Thailand and LBSC Plans

Free Steam Engine Plans Steam Engine Plans Elmers Engine Plans

A collection of free steam engines plans including all of Elmer's engine plans. Easy to build wobbler steam engines up to very complex multi cylinder engines, wood beam, scotch yoke, marine and many more.. Most of these projects can be built with a mini lathe and drill press and normal hand tools - no castings are needed. The easy engine plans use bar stock for all parts and the more advanced steam engine plans will require extensive cutting and filing if no mill or CNC machine is available. See my page on Live Steam Engines in Thailand - is now one of the largest collection of free steam engine plan downloads on the web - see the 2.5" gauge Live Steam Plans for Ayesha 4-4-2 LBSCR Large Scale model


Jet Engine Plans and Info - Jet Turbines

jet engine plans jet engine drawings Jet Engine Plans

A growing collection of basic jet turbine plans and littered with other jet related info and photographs of my first engine and my current engine project. I have built two model jet engines, the first being a Shreckling. Also free Gluhareff Pressure Jet Plans and instructions for download. Free Pulse Jet plans are available for download on this page. Free Miniature Gas Turbine Plans and Free 3D models of a Jet Engine Do Not Pay For Jet Engine Plans - They Are Free Of Charge To Download at Jet Engine Plans


Hydraulic Excavator Plans

RC Excavator Plans Excavator Model Plans Excavator Model Plan Set Model Excavator plans

Model Construction Equipment - Build from plans

1/16 Hydraulic Excavator Plan Set in AutoCAD DXF and Adobe PDF format

Click Here for Details


RC Crawler Crane Plans

Model Construction equipment and vehicles, build your own construction site, complete with a model crawler crane.

RC Crane Barge Model RC Crane Plans Model Crane Plans

Radio Controlled Crawler Crane project - a lattice boom scale replica of a 40t crawler crane - Plans are now available for building your own RC Crane

RC Crawler Crane Plans


1/16th Scale Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane Plans

Hiab Truck Crane plans - Palfinger Crane Plans

Model Construction site vehicles and equipment plans.

Knuckle Boom Crane Plans 1/16th scale Knuckle Boom Crane Plans Hiab Crane Plans

Plan set to build a fully moving 1/16th scale model of a Knuckle Boom Crane that can be used with miniature Hydraulic sets to make a functional Truck Crane. Click on the link above for more details


Model Microtunnelling Machine

A project to make a model Microtunnelling machine from easily obtainable parts bought from local shops. If you want to build an unusual model, or are interested in model construction machinery and equipment, this page is for you.

Model Construction equipment model hydraulics model tunnelling equipment model tunnelling machine

1/10 Scale Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine - HDD Machine

More additions for the scale model construction site. This 1/10th scale Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig will be a great project and a base for any type of tracked vehicle.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Model Directional Drilling Rig Model Plans HDD Rig Replica Plans



Hovercraft - Full Size & RC Models

RC Hovercraft Hovercraft Plans Hovercraft Free Hovercraft Plans

Videos and Photographs of my hovercraft - free plans for RC and full size craft . Detailed Photographs of my home built hovercraft and RC hovercraft with plans and instructions for bag skirts and finger skirt construction. Watch the test videos of my Radio Controlled Hovercraft and the improvements made with each new model. Full Sized hovercraft plans and the build log to go with it - free download plans and instructions to build a hovercraft and RC Hovercraft Plans.


RC Power Boat Racing and Power Boat Blueprints

RC Power Boat Race RC Boat Race Parts RC Boat Plans

Videos and photographs of RC Power Boat Racing, with RC Boat Wiring Diagrams and surrounding areas - Details on Electric Brushless set ups, 26cc Zenoah Powered Deep V hulls and Outrigger Hydro hulls, set ups and race video along with stepped hydroplane plans free to download - Home built Radio Controlled Drag Racing Boats and 72" Monohull Plans- free boat plans and more Classic Wooden Boat Plans Download - Click Here

Large Scale (1/5 & 1/6) Atlas Van Lines Unlimited Power Boat Hydroplane plans are now available

My RC Aircraft

RC Aircraft RC Helicopter

A few of my aircraft with some comments and set up info along with plans for scratch building your own RC Biplane.


Trail Running, Hiking, Jungle Trekking & Mountain Bike Trails in Thailand

Trails, GPX, KMZ Downloads for Trail Running and Mountain Biking in Thailand along with information on Running and Walking Groups in Thailand

Trail Running Thailand Dog Friendly Running Clubs Trail Walking in Thailand

There are also some interesting Off The Beaten Track routes and trails to take you to the unseen places in Thailand.


Thai Longtail Boat Racing - Long Tail Drag Boat and Long Tail Boat Model Plans

long tail Thailand Long Tail Race Boat Hydroplane Thailand Long Tail Boat Plans

Very fast, no helmets, no life jacket and no engine cut off - just pure drag racing with 150 cc engines in a boat most would consider a model - then there is the unlimited cc twin cylinder class - click the picture for more.. The Thai Stepped Hull Hydroplane model plans are now available here

New 2021 Thai Longtail Boat Updates included

เรือสองตอน ruea song dorn, ruea harng yao Thai Boat Plans



Near Infra Red & Camouflage Ghillie Suit

IR Nightvision DPM Camouflage

The effects of night vision and DPM camouflage along with a look at NIR and its properties. Ghillie suits and camouflage tactics are covered in this ongoing project to improve on DPM camouflage systems.

Ghillie Suit Plans and Video


Remote Control Duck Decoy

RC Duck Decoy Plans RC Duck RC Duck Plans

A quick project done in 2 days - I still do not know why

Scans of an article in a Thai RC mag A radio controlled Decoy Duck with 2 channel controls. Realistic decoy homemade from workshop scraps



RC Battle Tanks - Scratch Build 1/8 and 1/6th scale Tiger and King Tiger Tank Plans

RC Main Battle Tank Plans King Tiger 1/6th Scale Plans RC Tank

Full function BB firing Tiger and Tiger 2 Tanks - Main Gun firing at 300 fps and machine gun firing at 200fps - Plans and build pictures. Make a large scale RC Battle King Tiger tank from scratch - free plans and instructions with detailed build pictures. Chinese Pershing Tank 1/16 scale - repainted


RC Ships and Boat Plans and Blueprints

RC Ship Plans Clyde Puffer Plans Large Scale Alsakan Crab Fishing Boat Large Scale RC Ship Plans

Free Boat Plans and sailing ship plans with build pictures of a semi scale 1.4m long Frigate, a Clyde Puffer inshore craft and a large cargo ship project

Latest addition is a Brigantine Sailing ship that was scratch built from plans with the hull made from foam cored epoxy/glass composite and FV Cornelia Marie Scale Plans from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch

Free Download Plans, videos, photos and comments and instructions for download - RC 5 channel Square Rigger with build photographs and plans to build a Brigantine - new Page 2 added in May 2009 and New Page for Sailing Ship Plans added June 2009

Classic Wooden Boat Plans Download - Click Here


Scuba Diving In Thailand

Scuba Thailand Diving In Thailand Shark

Sharks and Manta Rays - pics and info - Recommended Dive Website -




Loads of Fun - Overloaded vehicles

Overloaded Vehicles Overloaded Thailand Dangerous Vehicles

A photo album of normal pickup truck and small trucks that are overloaded. Has to be seen to be believed - some must be record holders. A series of photographs and slide shows showing some of the overloaded vehicles that I have managed to photograph over the last couple of years in and around Bangkok.








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Welcome to my website - John's fettling pages, Lockdown Projects, Free Steam Engine Plans, RC Aircraft and Boat Plans and RC Flying, Fishing, Long Tail Hydroplane Power Boat Racing and other events in Thailand

This site will be updated and increase in size as more interesting projects are found.

The information contained in this site has been collected over the years of building and flying various aircraft models and building working model steam and jet engines. Most engine projects can be completed with a mini lathe (mini lathe) and drill press and for ease, I have used a mini CNC mill on some projects. Aircraft projects need a fair amount of skill to produce an flyable aircraft - have a go and then you will know. I have included free steam engine plans, free RC ship and boat plans including a Clyde Puffer and Deep Sea Tug projects, Steam train and RC Tank information and reference material, even an RC Duck and Steam Powered Helicopter- There is a new updated section on Longtail Hydroplane Racing, RC Power Boat Racing with articles on Brushless motors and 26cc Zenoah Powered Deep V racing with videos and photographs.

The other pages are a general look at RC in Thailand with reviews of airfields, various unique sporting events that occur in Thailand like Long tail boat racing and some that I find interesting like paintball and BB combat. A new section has been added on Fishing in Thailand - See photos of the Giant Mekong Catfish - Fly Fishing in Thailand - check out the Scuba Diving in Thailand Page - Don't forget my For Sale Page A section on full size hovercraft is also included - a passion of mine for a long time, with free hovercraft plans along with radio controlled hovercraft plans and videos. For an Index of Free Downloadable Plans on this site click Here - Check Here for Jet Turbine, Pulse Jet, Gluhareff Pressure Jet and Turbo Charger Jet Plans. Watch this site for the upcoming Thai Long Tail Boat Plans - make a Thailand Stepped Hydroplane Race Boat from our plans!


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15 Dec 2021

by John Tomlinson