Liebherr 50ton Hydraulic Excavator Plans


This is a project that has been on the ToDo list for a long time, and I have finally had the time to do it.

It is a fairly advanced build, not recommended for beginners due to the number of parts and complicated build. The model Excavator is in 1/16th scale and is made from aluminium and Plaswood or Sintra (a type of closed cell PVC board used in outdoor signs and shop fitting)

The Scale Model Plans are for a static model, with fully moving parts. The finished model is capable of being converted to a full hydraulic Radio Controlled model for the more ambitious model engineer.


Excavator Plans Backhoe Excavator Model Blueprints hydraulic Excavator Model Plans

The model in this project is constructed with 2mm and 6mm sheets of Plaswood or Sintra (Closed Cell PVC Board) although this can be substituted for wood or other easily machinable material.

Parts are cut from the stock sheets and assembled following the Photo Build Guide that accompanies the plan set. There is no Step by Step Guide as such but each stage is covered by the Build Photographs and is a straight forward build for the experienced modeller.

Model Excavator Parts Scale Model Excavator Plans Scale Backho Excavator Plans

The larger components are made of laminations of 2mm and 6mm sheet to avoid excessive material costs and enables the replica to be built in the home model engineers workshop. Parts can be cut using a Band Saw, Jigsaw, Scroll Saw or CNC Router and Laser Cutter. The plan set is compatible with all modern CAM software.

The 1/16th Scale Excavator Plans are in AutoCAD format and copied in Adobe PDF Format in full sized sheet template and Tiled A4 sheets that can be printed out on a home printer.

Liebherr Model Excavator Plans Backhoe Scale Model Plans Large Scale Excavator Model Plans

The model has full and free moving parts with the full range of movement.

Excavator dxf Plans Liebherr Excavator Plans in AutoCAD format Excavator dxf and pdf plans

Scale model Backhoe Plans Model Excavator Blueprints Model Excavator Drawings

The model excavator is based on the Liebherr 50 ton hydraulic Excavator and is scaled down to 1/16th size.


The Liebherr 50t Hydraulic Excavator Plan Set has the following contents:

AutoCAD format

1 No. Assembly Drawing in DXF format

1 No. Inert Hydraulic Rams Drawing DXF format

4 No. 2mm Sheet Parts Drawings 350x600mm size in DXF Format

3 No. 6mm Sheet Parts Drawings 350x600mm size in DXF Format

1 no. AutoCAD compatibility Sheet with links to download the latest fully functioning AutoCAD and Dassualt DraftSight Software free of charge, to avoid the version compatibility issues that occur with CAD files


Adobe PDF Format

1 No. Assembly Drawing on A0 sized sheet in pdf format

1 No. Inert Hydraulic Rams Drawing on A2 sized sheet in pdf format

4 No. 2mm Sheet Parts Drawings 350x600mm size in pdf Format

3 No. 6mm Sheet Parts Drawings 350x600mm size in pdf Format

1. No. Complete set of the above pdf format plans ready to print on a home A4 sized printer (tiled pdf format)

1 No. 56 page Build Instructions Document in pdf format on A4 sized sheets with over 100 photographs of the excavator build.

Instructions on printing, unit conversion and software measuring tools in also included in the plan set.


$9.99 US - Excavator Model Plans in AutoCAD DXF and Adobe PDF Format Sent By Email

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