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Fishing in Thailand Index

Updated July 2018

Sea Pier and Surf Fishing

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Baan Kieng Rua Fishing

By John Tomlinson

Bor Num Fly and Lure

Chum Narng

Boonmar Ponds

Skunar Fishing Park

Cha-Am Fishing Inn & Resort

Kaeng Krachan Reservoir

IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi

Gillhams Fishing Resorts

Bang Pra Dam

Palm Tree Lagoon

Pla Khlao Fishing Park

Manu Fishing and Homestay Bang Pakong










Sea Fishing - Pier and Surf

There are many locations along the coast to fish the surf and piers. It is worth asking the local fishermen for the local knowledge about rigs and bait to use.

Phang Nga - Na Tai Pier - GPS Coordinates: 8.27355197, 98.2772833

Phuket - Sarasin Bridge - GPS Coordinates: 8.2002286, 98.2974203


Fly Fishing in Thailand Page - where to buy fly fishing equipment in Thailand

Click on the link above to go to a page dedicated to Fly Fishing in Thailand, where to go, where to buy equipment and general Fly Fishing Information for Thailand.

These pages and links will take you on a tour of Freshwater Fishing in Bangkok and Thailand. There are an increasing number of anglers from the USA, UK and Europe who have discovered that Thailand offers some World Class Fishing with some holding multiple world records under the IGFA rules and many more Personal Bests

More anglers are fishing in Thailand both guided and unguided, for Fish Species in Thailand.

There are many Fishing Tour Companies in Thailand, click on the link for more info and recommendations on guided fishing in Thailand.

Fish  Bung Samran no tour company Unguided fishing No need for tour company barramundi fishing in Thailand

Fish Species in Thailand or go to Bangkok Hookers Blog or Thailand Fishing Tours


Fishing Tours and Fishing Guides in Thailand - Рыбалка в Таиланде - Pesca en Tailandia

There are many advantages of using a guide or fishing tour company especially if you are visiting a venue for the first time. Some of the top class fishing venues in Thailand are expensive to fish, so making the best of the trip is a priority. Admittedly using a Fishing Tour Company in Thailand will cost you more money, nothing is free! but you will be guaranteed to have the best days fishing possible at the time.

There is very little information on fishing tour companies in Bangkok and Thailand in general, apart from the commercial websites of the respective tour companies.

I strongly recommend browsing through Bangkok Hookers Website and have a chat on his forum, you will receive the best available advice on fishing in Thailand from Oz and Team Bangkok Hooker - there is no better imaptial advice, give Oz a shout at

Thailand Fishing Tours

TFT are a service of fluent English-speaking Thai nationals that help anglers around the world catch monster fish while being fully taken care of during their stay in that Land of Smiles. Day trips start at B6500, prices are negotiable. Go to Thailand Fishing Tours for more information.

This service comes highly recommended by myself and many other local expats and visitors to Thailand and have access to the best fishing locations available in the country.



Fishing Adventures Thailand

The original fishing tour company in Bangkok, founded by Jean-Francois Helias who has over 22 years experience of fishing in Thailand. Jean-Francois holds over 172 IGFA World Records to date and has many unequaled angling achievements in Thailand such as

407 lb (185 kg) Arapaima - The biggest predator fish ever caught on rod and line in the history of Southeast Asian angling.

332 lb (151 kg) Mekong Giant Catfish - The biggest catfish ever caught in the history of Southeast Asian angling.

264 lb (120 kg) Siamese Giant Carp - The biggest carp ever caught on rod and line in the history of sport fishing .

Jean-Francois has been presented with a Life Time Achievement Award from the IGFA and Ranked 1st in the 2007 IGFA Top 10 Freshwater Anglers.

The Fishing Adventures Thailand website is


Fish Siam

The Anglo-Thai fishing tour company that is the pioneer of Freshwater Stingray Fishing in Thailand and is actively involved in research and conservation of some of Thailand's rarest fish.

Headed by Managing Director Khun Wuttichia Khuensuwan "Boy", a Thai national who is generally regarded as one of Thailand's best all round anglers, Fish Siam have hit the ground running with exposure on National Geographic, the international fishing press and are official field testers for Owner Hooks of Japan. They have guided customers who have caught some of the biggest fish ever caught on rod and line. I have personally witnessed a Fish Siam customer catch a Giant Siamese Carp which was over 50kg under the guidance of Boy.

Fish Siam Ltd.  is currently working with Dr.Zeb Hogan from the National Geographic Society (Megafish Project) to monitor Giant Freshwater Stingray population in the Bang Pakong and Maeklong Rivers in Thailand. 

The Fish Siam Ltd website is

YouTube Videos from Fish Siam are at


Bung Samran Fishing Park - Archive Page - moved to new location

Please click on the link above - Bunsamran now has it's own page.

The Bungsamran Fishing Page has information and video clips of bait preparation and techniques along with equipment guides and my personal preferences.

Take away the myths about fishing at this world class fishing park - Click on link above or ask Oz


pesca en Tailandia mekong90 BoonsongMekong

Fish Species in Thailand


Shadow Lake ( Gnao Nam)

Shadow Lake is known as Gnao Nam by the locals - It is not very often that you will see any non-Thais at this venue. This is the longest running big fish venue in and around Bangkok and holds many of the local records. The stock levels are not as high as Bung Samran and it is a less physically exerting day until you hook a monster.

I think that the percentage of large fish in this venue is greater than anywhere else and is well worth a visit

GPS Coords 13.74559 N, 100.37262 E - Google KMZ file is available Here

Costs for 12 hours fishing is cheaper than Bungsamran and is also open 24hrs - Price for all Anglers is 150 THB per rod for Day fishing and 150 THB for night fishing - increased from 100THB

No bungalows are available and the shelters are basic - not too good for non fishing visitors - food and drinks are available

Again because the fish have been in this lake for a long time and have a regular diet, the bait used has little similarity to what could be used in a natural environment - A few visits with a guide is needed to have a fair chance of a good days fishing at this venue - I do not recommend trying this venue without help form one of the local anglers or using one of the local guides if you can speak Thai.

shadowlake shadowlake2 shadowlake3 mekongshadow

During the day Shadow Lake is usually very quiet, the busy period being late afternoon until after midnight when the local fishermen take advantage of this excellent venue - it is considerably cheaper (a quarter of the price) than Bung Samran for a day or nights fishing but does not have the trimmings or comfort available at Bung Samran.

The toilets are a bit basic but there is work starting on new buildings to improve this.

Recent catch reports from Shadow Lake have included large 80kg plus Mekong Giant Catfish and an Arapaima of similar size. More details at Oz's Bangkok Hooker Site



Bung Kwarng

Bung Kwarng is located on the outskirts of Bangkok in Minburi - It is a friendly fishing lake that is popular with the locals and I have yet to see a non-Thai at this venue

GPS Coords 13.80989N, 100.75700E - Google KMZ file is available Here

Costs 100 THB per day for all anglers

Open from 0930hrs until midnight every day

Food and drinks are available

The owner of this lake (Khun Uee) is very helpful and always has time to answer any questions you may have. This lake has a wide range of fish species and some of the large carp are very hard to catch - I have included a few photographs of some of the fish in Bung Kwarng

bungkwarng sawaikwarng Pacu Mekong

Esock plajin baramundi


Bor Num - Barramundi Fishing Park

This is an excellent venue for lure fishing and fly fishing for Barramundi in Thailand. This lake is well known amongst the local fishing community and is very busy at the weekends.

The fish are mainly Barramundi (Pla Kapong in Thai) up to 12 kg plus (26.5 lbs) and a few Common Snakehead (Pla Chon) The fish are rotated between fished and recuperation ponds and the stock levels are topped up weekly to replace the one caught by non catch and release anglers - A fair number of locals come to catch and eat, the fish cooked on site and eaten in the restaurant.

GPS Coords 13.508929N, 100.959428E - Google KMZ file is available Here

Costs 100 THB per day per rod for all anglers - An unbeatable price for this type of fishing. Rod and Tackle hire costs 100 THB per day

bor num fly fishing Bor Num Barramundi Fishingpesca en Tailandia barramundi bor num barra fly

hnoo BorNum hot weather popper lure popper and fly


You will need some protection from the relentless sun - it is never less than 30 deg C in this area and you will get a serious sun burn if you do not cover up - sun block is as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle here.


Depending on the day the staff at Bor Num will recommend a type of lure and the best technique to use - on the day that the video clip was taken, poppers with a fly attached 30 to 70 cm behind on a 30lb leader was the order of the day. All the normal Barra and Bass lures can be used but listening to the staff is the best advise I can give for a great days fishing.

Unlike some venues for Barra in Thailand, hooking one of these fish is not a certainty - get it wrong and you will blank all day. Bor Num is a good venue as you know the fish are in the lake and it is up to your ability to hook them - definitely not a fish farm like most of the other Barra locations in this area




Fishing for Barramundi at Bor Num



Fly Fishing at Bor Num, Bang Pakong, Thailand

Bor Num is set out so that around 40% of the perimeter of the pond has a clear area for back cast so it is ideal for fly fishing beginners and the more experienced hands as well, the shop has a limited number of fly rods for hire and basic instruction is available from the staff at Bor Num. The price for fly fishing is the same as the other rods at 100THB per rod per day and rod hire is 100 THB per day.

The fly fishermen seem to have a better catch rate than the other lure methods so a great days fishing is almost certain.

fly fishing fly fishing bor num fly fishing thailand fly fishing thailand fly fishing in thailand

My equipment is an 8 weight rod and floating 8WF line and a fly usually used for sea trout - again the staff at Bor Num will recommend a fly if you take a selection or a limited selection are available in the on site shop - click on the thumbnails for larger better quality pictures. For More details and advice - Check out Oz's Bangkok Hooker Website




Bung Chum Narng - Fishing Lake

Bung Chum Narng is located outside of Bangkok in Samut Prakarn Province

GPS Coords 13.643208 N, 100.660559 E - Google KMZ file is available Here

No bungalows are available and the shelters are basic - not too good for non fishing visitors and the toilets are all but non existent- food and drinks are available along with a small stock of tackle and hire rods

Costs for a days fishing - 0800hrs to 2000hrs is 70 THB per rod


Chum Narng FishingSnakeheadSnakehead fish Walking Catfish Afican asian crossWalking Catfish on Lure chum narng Walking Catfish


Boon Mar Ponds - Bang Pakong

Located At Bang Pakong GPS Coords - 13.516071° N, 100.917167° - Download the Google Earth KMZ file for Boon Mar Ponds here

Boon Mar Ponds

Very expensive - more than 2500 THB to fish in a barramundi fish farm - many serious anglers that have been to this location have walked away within a couple of hours due to the ease of catching the Barramundi at this location and the fact that it is a fish farm - fish in the 5kg Barramundi pond and surprise surprise you catch a 5kg Barramundi and so on with each pond of barramundi sorted by size, not really a sporting event. An expensive trip for fishing in a pond that is stocked with Barramundi that you know will take your lure and know the size. May appeal to some anglers.



It Lake Monsters - Amazon Fishing, Ban Pong - Ratchaburi

Also known as Bor Pee-It, บ่อพี่อิท, Predator Lake and Monster Lake this is the venue for world class predator fishing. Work began in late 2004 on a narrow pond and in 2005 the lake was filled with water and that was the start of the world class fishing venue known is It Lake Monsters (named after Mr Itt)

It is located in Ratchaburi Province in the Ban Pong sub district - GPS Coords 13.863170° N, 99.835789° E - Download Google KMZ file Here

Prices as at June 2012 are

Fishing Rod Hire for live bait 1,000 baht (Lure Fishing Customers must bring their own equipment)

Full day live baiting 7,000 baht

Lure and fly fishing full day 3,500 Baht - See Webpage Prices and updated contacts and tour company recommendations

The lake is open to and welcomes foreign anglers. The Lake Monsters guides will advise and help when needed and will unhook all fish caught - they are responsible for the well being of the fish and will be there to assist and guide as necessary.

Telephone to confirm availability.

Fishing Tour Companies - If you have your own transport and are kitted out for the Thai fishing scene it may be worth going it alone, otherwise it would be wise to take a trip with a tour company

The location, directions and road map for IT Monster Lake are below - click on the thumbnails

IT Monster Lake Location IT Monster Lake Location Map IT Monsters Lake Road Map Directions

Mr Tawan - Tel: 08 599 99646 or if you want a guide speak to Mr. Boy on 081 5563220

More Details at on the history of IT Lake Monsters



Click on the picture below to go to the It Lake Monsters Website

IT Monster Lake


Gillhams Fishing Resorts - Krabi - Southern Thailand

Click on the link to go to the website



Pilot 111 Fishing Park

Giant Snakehead, Barramundi, Pacu, Redtail and Catfish Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing

Giant Snakehead Fishing on Fly Fly Fishing Bangkok

The best value for money Lure fishing in the area, with Baramundi up to 12kg and Giant Snakehead in 10 large artificial lakes.

Pilot 111 Fishing Park Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing is probably the best Fly Fishing venue in Thailand at this time.

Pilot111 Fishing Fly and Lure Pilot111 Barramudi Fly Fishing Pilot111 Barramundi Lure Fishing Park Thailand Pilot111 Fishing Park Thailand

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture of the Barramundi Fly and Lure Fishing Park at Bang Pakong

Pilot111 has English Speaking owners and Excellent food with a very clean kitchen and modern toilets (excellent in fact)

Great for fly fishing - most of the lakes have adequate room for the back cast on at least two sides.

Barramundi up to 12kg, Giant Snakehead and Striped Snakehead, Pacu, Asian Redtail Catfish, Spotted Featherback (Spotted Knifefish) and Mekong Giant Catfish

10 large fishing lakes, 2 of which are home to the Giant Snakehead.

Barramundi Fly Fishing Barramundi Fly fishing in Bangkok pesca en Tailandia Barramundi Fishing in Thailand


Barramundi Fishing on Fly in Bangkok Fishing Thailand Pilot111 Fly Fishing in Thailand

Open 0900-1800hrs Saturday to Thursday,
Closed on Friday

500 Baht per Rod per day

Рыбалка в Таиланде Fly Fishing Thailand Fly Fishing and Lure Fishing Thailand

GPS coordinates - Location is 13.549047 N, 100.947157 E (Decimal Degrees)

The nearest exit on the Buraphar Whittee Expressway (above Bangna-Trad Highway at about km 42) is East 4-06 near the junction of Highway 3 and Highway 7

Download the Google Earth .kmz Location File Here for Pilot 111 Fishing

Contact Lek on 086 316 8773 - Khun Lek speaks English and she is the owner of the fishing park along with her husband who used to be a Ship Captain and Harbour Pilot (hence the name Pilot 111).

Need Fly Fish Equipment in Thailand? - go to Tae Fly Fishing Shop in Bangkok - Need more details on fishing at Pilot 111 - Ask Oz at Bangkok Hooker





Bang Pra Dam - Chonburi - Jungle Fishing Trips in Thailand

GPS Coordinates - Location is 13 13.615'N 100 58.431'E - Bang Pra Reservoir on the 3144 road in Chonburi Province

Bang Pra Reservoir in Chonburi

Bang Pra Fishing Bang Pra Fishing Boat Trip Bang Pra Fishing Wild

Click on thumbnail for larger picture

Fishing with Somkuan Bangpra Fishing and Pleasure Boat Hire

Half Day 300 Baht (Thai Baht)

Full Day 600 Baht

Boat comes with an Oarsman / Guide for the trip

Recommended 1 fisherman per boat unless experienced with the narrow Thai style rowing boats

Fly fishing, Lure Fishing, Live and Dead Bait on Request - fish for Giant Snakehead and Jungle Perch along with other local fish.

Fly Fishing Bang Pra Dam Bang Pra Fishing Giant Snakehead on Fly

Bang Pra Fishing in Chonburi Giant Snakehead fishing on fly or lure lure for giant snakehead

Book minimum of 2-3 days in advance if boats required at weekend or bank holidays. Inform Khun Somkuan of your desired style of fishing and intended species and he will pair you up with the best guide.

The guides are only paid to row the boat so a tip of 100 - 200 Baht is usual, or more if you wish.

Food and chilled soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available from the boat hire area and ice coolers for the boats are free of charge.

Contact K Somkuan 086 545 9532 - limited English, use a Local to make the arrangements if you do not speak Thai.

A great venue for Giant Snakehead Fishing and Jungle Perch on Fly - if you need any advice, Speak to Oz at Bangkok Hooker Fishing


Skunar Fishing Park

Skunar Fishing Park is located in Samut Prakarn Province (about 30 min from central Bangkok) and is a popular venue at weekends

Largest residents are Mekong Giant Catfish which are approximately 60 kg and a good selection of other local fish. A good and cheaper alternative to Bungsamran and more comfortable than Shadow Lake (Ngao Nam) it is well worth a visit.

Skunar Fishing Park in Samut Prakarn Skunar Fishing Park in Thailand Skunar Fishing Lake

Location 13° 35'42.04"N, 100°39'21.66"E - Samut Prakarn, Thailand

Google Earth KMZ file is available for download here - Skunar KMZ - The google KMZ file will enter a place mark on Google Earth enabling directions and other services via Google Earth and Google Maps

Open Daily 0900-2000hrs and the cost per rod fishing is 100 THB per day

Competitions held on Sunday for largest fish and other weights
Lots of Catfish and other species.
Good food and service and a clean quiet environment

Telephone 02 755 4474 for further inquiries. - More information available at Bangkok Hooker Fishing




Palm Tree Lagoon ( Pla Khlao Fishing Park )

Palm Tree Lagoon - Pla Khlao Fishing Park or Pla Kao Fishing Park

The GPS coordinates (Decimal Degrees) for the fishing park are:

Latitude 13.524580

Longitude 99.776931

Google Earth .kmz file for Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park in Ratchaburi is free for download here

Link to Google Maps for Plam Tree Lagoon (Pla Khlao Fishing Park) is here

ปลาเค้าฟิชชิ่งปาร์ค ราชบุรี

Pla Khlao Fishing Park
Chedi Hak, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi 70000



Cha-Am Fishing Inn & Resort

Cha-Am Fishing Inn And Resort - Reviewed by Bangkokhooker Click Here

Website -

GPS Coordinates in Decimal Degrees are

Latitude: 12.886994°

Longitude: 99.910405°

Cha-am Fishing Inn&Resort HotelPhet Kasem, Don Khun Huai, Cha-am, Phetchaburi 76120, Thailand - More Info at Bangkok Hooker Fishing


Amazon BKK Fishing Park

Amazon Fishing BKK Amazon Fishing Park Tiger Catfish Amazon Monster Fish BKK

Amazon BKK Fishing Park is located in Bang Khae district just off Puttamonton Sai 1 on Petchkasem Road

GPS coordinates are N 13.730735, E 100.422635 (decimal Degrees)

Google KMZ file can be downloaded here - Download this KMZ file and open with Google Earth for satellite Pics and Navigation, directions etc.

Telephone number of the Lake owner is:


Day ticket 500 Baht

Barbless hooks and lure fishing only - Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing

Good Food - More details available at Bangkok Hooker Fishing


Fly Fishing for Aripaima amazon fishing park in Bangkok

The fishing pond has been open to the public for just over 5 months and has large collection of animals including Parrots and Pythons, Turtles and Turkeys, horse, buffalow, pig, iguana, squirrel and a few pet albino rats, not to mentions a well stocked pond of Red Tails, Aripiama, Arowana, Alligator Gar, Tiger Catfish, Siamese Carp and many other species of fish.

Web Links from Thai Fishing Forums are listed below. For more info and photographs click on the links. Thai script can be translated using Google.

Talad Fishing Forum - Amazon BKK

Fishing Today Forum

More Photos on the Fly Fishing In Thailand Page



Baan Kieng Rua Boat House & Restaurant - Fishing

GPS Coordinates 13.446131, 100.098972 - Dowload Google Earth KMZ file Here

Telephone: 086-000-4500



Situated 50km from Bangkok, Baan Kieng Rua has a large 8 acre saltwater lake with many salt water species including Barramundi.

Excellent location for fly fishing and lure fishing.

Accomodation and excellent food available.


Kaeng Krachan Reservoir Jungle Fishing Trips in Thailand with BangkokHooker Fishing

Рыбалка в Таиланде Fishing in Thailand Kaeng Krachan

Kaeng Krachan Reservoir (Kaeng Krajan or แก่งกระจาน in Thai )

Kaeng Krachan is Thailands largest national park that borders Burma. The reservoir is fed by the Petchaburi River and covers an area of 46.5 km²

GPS Coordinates of the Dam are Lat 12.916893°, Lon 99.629434°

Our fishing location on the trip was 12.933992°, 99.507634°

Jungle Fishing Thailand Fishing in Thailand Jungle Fishing Trip Thailand

Fishing from a Thai style Longtail Boat is something akin to fishing from a surfboard - it takes a little practice.

The best way to stand in the boat is as if you where on a skate board, 90 degrees to the bow of the boat with slightly bent knees.

If you do not think you can balance on a longtail then you can always use a Fishing Tour Company and explain your requirements.

Pesca en Tailandia Snakehead Fishing Thailand Jungle Fishing in Thailand

A full 12 hour day of fishing at Kaeng Krachan Reservoir on a longtail with a local Captain/Guide Ae Suksamran is available at a special rate here or visit the Bangkok Hooker Fishing Forum


Manu Fishing and Homestay (Man-U)

Man-U Fishing and Homestay Manu Fishing and  Homestay Man'U Fishing and Homestay

Situated on the opposite bank of the Bang Pakong River to the Bangpakong Riverside Country Club, Manu Fishing and Homestay is the ideal location to fish on the Bang Pakong River from a personal large comfortable barge.

Barges are 600 THB per day and large barges for 8 people plus are 1000 THB per day. One day is 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs

Species caught on a regular basis are Barramundi, Giant Freshwater Stingray and a selection of Thai Fresh Water and Estuary Fish.

Man'u Fishing and Homestay Manu Fishing restaurant Manu Fresh Food restaurant

You need to bring your own fishing equipment.

Excellent Food and Service with a home stay option. Fresh Seafood and River Shrimps available and cooked to order.

The evening at Manu Fishing and Homestay can be particularly interesting with light displays from Fireflies and roosting/feeding local population of Flying Fox Bats.

Manu Fishing and Homestay Bangpakong Manu Fishing at Bangpakong Manu Fishing Bangpakong River

GPS Coordinates are Lat 13.575184° Long 101.039552° (decimal degrees)

Google Earth KMZ file is available to download here

Contact Khun Manu on 089-9882049 (only speaks Thai, no English) to book and check fishing conditions and availablity, mention seeing the information on John-Tom's website for the best hire rates.


Competitive Fishing in Bangkok

There are nearly a hundred small fishing lakes in and around Bangkok who make a living out of competitive fishing for Striped Catfish (pla sawai). The matches are held by each lake once or twice a week and the lake will set a weight for the day, for an example 4.0kg - the match is run over a set time period and the last fish caught nearest the set weight but not over wins the 1st prize which can be up to THB 200,000 depending on the venue. There prizes for 2 to 4th place and sometimes a small prize for the biggest fish caught.

The competitions are a busy time with hundreds of anglers present. Some of the locals make a good living from these competitions as there is usually one or two matches every day of the week somewhere in the area. I have fished alongside some of the "pro" anglers and they are willing help you and will answer any questions. These lads know what distance to cast and depth to fish for a specific size and the tactics at each lake vary.. but they pull out a catfish every 5 to10mins on average

Each lake usually has a few big Mekong Catfish 60kg plus which are very difficult to catch


Fish Species in Thailand


Bangkok Hooker ( Oz the Bangkok Hooker)

Click on the Bangkokhooker link to go to an excellent blog on Fishing in Thailand - A great local blog that starts to unlock some of the little known techniques and venues used by local anglers. The blog covers venues for fishing in Thailand, Rigs and Techniques for many fishing venues in and around Bangkok and Thailand in general. \


Excellent photographs and info on prices, directions and recommendations for the angler wanting to Fish Thailand unguided.

Special Deals and Cut Price Fishing Tours and Guides are available by reading and subscribing to the Bangkok Hooker Forum

Short Notice fishing trip in Thailand - contact OZ he may be able to help

Fishing Trip Promotion - Unbeatable Value

Buy a "Lucky Frog" Lure Here

Contact Thailand Fishing Tours here