Fly Fishing in Thailand

Fly Fishing In Thailand

By John Tomlinson

Jungle Fly Fishing Fly Fishing Lake in Thailand Barramundi on Fly Fly Fishing in Thailand

Fly fishing is not popular in Thailand but there is an ever increasing number of local fishermen discovering the sport. The local anglers are discovering new venues on a weekly basis and they are published on the local web boards - unfortunately these forums are in Thai script so for those who can not read thai it is difficult to obtain the information.

This page will introduce the more popular venues for Fly Fishing In Thailand and will cover free and pay to fish locations. GPS coordinates and maps are included where applicable. Free Fishing In Thailand - Check out the best information available on Fishing in Thailand - free from Bangkok Hooker Fishing



Fly Fishing Barramundi at Bor Num, Bangpakong, Thailand

Bor Num is set out so that around 40% of the perimeter of the pond has a clear area for back cast so it is ideal for fly fishing beginners and the more experienced hands as well, the shop has a limited number of fly rods for hire and basic instruction is available from the staff at Bor Num. The price for fly fishing is the same as the other rods at 100THB per rod per day and rod hire is 100 THB per day.

The fly fishermen seem to have a better catch rate than the other lure methods so a great days fishing is almost certain.

Fly Fishing in Thailand Fly Fishing for Barramundi in Thailand Barramundi caught on fly

More details on Bor Num along with maps and GPS Coordinates


Fly Fishing at Pilot 111 Fishing, Bang Samak, Thailand

Fly Fishing for Giant Snakehead, Barramundi, Pacu, Spotted Featherback, Asian Redtail Catfish, Striped Snakehead

The best value for money Fly fishing in the area, with Baramundi up to 12kg and over with 10 large artificial lakes.

Pilot 111 Fishing Park Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing

Pilot111 Fly Fishing in Thailand Fly Fishing Barramundi ThailandFly Fishing for BarramundiFly Fishing for Giant Snakehead

More info on Pilot 111 Fishing Park along with GPS Coordinates and Prices









Fly Fishing Bang Pra Dam - Chonburi

Bang Pra Reservoir in Chonburi - Free Fishing and very cheap boat hire available

Bang Pra Fishing Bang Pra Fishing Boat Trip Bang Pra Fishing Wild

Fly fish for Giant Snakehead, Jungle Perch and other species in this large reservoir. Free Fishing in Thailand

More info on Bang Pra Reservoir and Dam along with GPS Coordinates and Boat Hire Prices


Amazon BKK Fishing Park

Amazon Fishing BKK Amazon Fishing Park Tiger Catfish Amazon Monster Fish BKK

Amazon BKK Fishing Park is located in Bang Khae district just off Puttamonton Sai 1 on Petchkasem Road

GPS coordinates are N 13.730735, E 100.422635 (decimal Degrees)

Google KMZ file can be downloaded here - Download this KMZ file and open with Google Earth for satellite Pics and Navigation, directions etc.

Telephone number of the Lake owner is:


Day ticket 500 Baht

Barbless hooks and lure fishing only - Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing

Good Food


Fly Fishing for Aripaima amazon fishing park in Bangkok

The fishing pond has been open to the public for just over 5 months and has large collection of animals including Parrots and Pythons, Turtles and Turkeys, horse, buffalo, pig, iguana, squirrel and a few pet albino rats, not to mentions a well stocked pond of Red Tails, Arapaima, Arowana, Alligator Gar, Tiger Catfish, Siamese Carp and many other species of fish.

Web Links from Thai Fishing Forums are listed below. For more info and photographs click on the links. Thai script can be translated using Google.

Talad Fishing Forum - Amazon BKK

Fishing Today Forum

Arapaima on Fly video Amazon Bkk Fishing Amazon Bkk Fishing for Monsters

Amazon Fly Fishing Amazon fishing Puttamonton Bangkok

Another Bangkok Hooker/ John-Tom fishing trip - this time we were heading into new territory having never fished at Amazon Bkk before. It all sounded a bit too much to be true, an Amazon fishing park in Bangkok and a day ticket price of 500 baht (a tenner in UK money or about $17 US) There must be a catch somewhere!

A few "Go Around" landing experiences in the morning were converted to a personal best on the Fly Rod in the afternoon. The secret to my success today and one of the best tips I can give you is "ask the locals"

A regular angler arrived shortly after lunch, set up his fly rod and was hooked into a small Arapaima within minutes of his first cast.

We asked a few questions and advice was given and acted upon immediately.

The tippet length, retrieve and best area to cast was given for me with the Fly Rod and Oz was given a few pointers for a "popper & fly" combo which turned the day around for both of us.

Personal best on fly is now a 35kg Arapaima, caught with a streamer on 15lb tippet using a 6 weight rod floating WF line

In conclusion, the Catch is Amazon fish in Bangkok at a great price with good food - see you there next week!







Baan Kieng Rua Boat House & Restaurant - Fishing


Thailand Fishing Tours

Fly Fishing Equipment Suppliers in Thailand


Tae Fishing Shop

Tae Fishing Shop

Located on Nawamin Soi 163 (Amon Wiwat) in the Klong Kum district of Bangkok.

GPS Coordinates of Tae Fishing Shop - N 13.834032, E 100.655544 Decimal Degrees

Google KMZ file can be downloaded here - Download this KMZ file and open with Google Earth for satellite Pics and Navigation, directions etc.

Telephone Mr Tae (Dare) 083 298 4905 for more info (limited English so a visit is better than a phone call)

The destination for all your fly fishing needs - Tae is an active and skilled Fly fisherman who can help you with choice of equipment, locations and technique, a must for the visiting fly fisherman.

Fly tying materials and tools.

Biggest selection of fly fishing rods, reels, lines and Flies a have found.

Webboard for Tae Fishing is below

Siam Fishing - Tae Fishing Shop






Muang Pla - Fly Fishing Equipment -

Tel 02 918 9440 or 02 988 3047

Muangpla Fly Fishing Equipment Muangpla Fly Fishing Equipment

Located in Nong Jok near Minburi on the outskirts of Bangkok.

A small selection of fly fishing rods and reels with a good price range.

Telephone or order online, staff speak some English - A visit is worthwhile.


Coming Soon

Fly Fishing Rangsit Klong 13

Free Fly Fishing Locations, natural rivers and jungle fishing

Nakorn Nayok and Kao Yai National Park

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