RC Duck



This was a quick project I completed in 2 days after seeing an article on the RC Groups forum

The plastic decoy ducks are not available in Thailand as far as I can find out - all the gun shops in Bangkok had never heard of a duck decoy although they would order one from the US at a high price and long wait. The answer as usual was to scratch build on a budget.




The Duck is hand carved and sanded into shaft from white foam, the surface texture is made from daubing acrylic filled onto the foam leaving a rough finger marked surface. The drive is a bottom range brass prop shaft and plastic prop from the cheap Chinese 2 channel rc speed boats that have recently flooded the market (no pun)

The bottom of the duck is hollowed out to allow the receiver, battery and drive to fit inside and then the base is stuck on with a hot glue stick - no frills

The photo links above are from a Thai RC mag called RC Action - the reporter liked the idea and wished to do an article on the building of the duck. The script is in Thai but the pictures are in English :)

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.