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Clyde Puffer

The Clyde puffer is a small steamboat which provided provisions and trade link around the west coast and Hebrides islands of Scotland. These small cargo ships where made popular by the short stories about the Vital Spark and her captain Para Handy.

More info and details, history etc. is Here (wikipedia)

Powered by 2 no. in parallel 6v lead acid gel batteries, 100 Amp forward and reverse speed controller and a brushed 540 motor.

Cooling for the motor and speed controller is from a battery powered pump run through a 30 Amp speed controller to give variable speed, water is draw from the bottom of the hull and passes through the speed controller, motor and exits the hull on the upper port side towards the stern.

A 4 channel FM receiver is used, Throttle, Rudder and Pump taking 3 channels. The model weighs around 15kgs

Basic Plans are available to download from Clydebank Model Boat Club Plans Page or a premium plans set from Here

A video of the Clyde Puffer that I made from the above RC Boat Plans is available below




Clyde Puffer Plans1

Photo courtesy of James A Pottinger

Clyde puffer plans3

old boat plans

old boat plans 3

Photo courtesy of James A Pottinger

Clyde Puffer Plans

Clyde puffer Kit

Clyde Puffer Premium Plan Set - Click

Clyde Puffer Plans2

clyde puffer plans 5

old boat plans2

Photo courtesy of James A Pottinger

rc boat plan x

Clyde Puffer Frame Kit

Clyde puffer Frame Kit Plans

Plank on Frame AutoCAD Plans and CNC Gcode to cut your own frame kit is available here

free plan rc ship

Frame Kit Plans

Frame Kit Plans to make your own large scale Clyde Puffer Model from Plans.

Plank on Frame Clyde puffer Plans are available Here


RC Frigate - General Artigas - Uruguay Navy

Frigate Artigas - Ex French Navy F725 Victor Schoelcher - free ship plans

frigate planfrigate plan2frigate plans3F725Frigate


frigate planking

frigate view2



frigate view


The is a scratch build project that I have not finished, hull is complete and superstructure is in place - just needs detailing.

The ship is 1.4m long and is powered by a 6v lead acid gel battery and a 3 phase 750 rmp/v sensorless Brushless motor with Brushless 3 phase speed controller

Radio gear is a 2 channel AM receiver, Throttle and Rudder. The speed controller is a forward only and programmed to switch off brake and switch off soft start

The set up pull 16 Amps at full speed and the battery will last more than 30min with good throttle management.

The construction time up to now is appx 30hrs over a period of 3 months - I think the detailing will be another 30hours or more

The basic shape is taken from a paper model and scaled up to size.


free frigate plan

free Ship plans for the General Artigas are available Here and the instructions Here

The scaled up Deck plan used for my model is available Here and the Hull plan Here

Scroll Down for Plans and details

Video Here - free ship plans

RC Deep Sea Salvage Tug - Hermes - free ship plans


rc ship instuctions

MyWorkshop CNCcut


tug3 tug6

stringers hull model hermes tug

tug planking6 hermes tugboat

inside hull hull tugboat

The Hermes is a Deep Sea Salvage tug from the early 1900's

I used a CNC machine to cut out the hull formers for this project - a short video of the CNC machine in action is Here - pretty boring if you have seen a CNC machine before, pretty interesting if you have not.

The hull build has been fairly easy, but keeping everything in line has been difficult. As with previous model boats I have made, the plans where taken from a paper model ship, enlarged and adapted to make a rough set of plans to work from.

The Ship uses two 540 brushed motors with twin 220 Amp speed controllers with forward and reverse. A little bit of overkill but I would rather be looking AT extra Amp rating that looking FOR extra Amp rating.

The power is supplied by an 11 A/hour 6V lead acid gel battery which also doubles as part of the ballast to achieve a scale water line. The initial tests for floatation and balance where carried out on the hull with all drive and radio equipment fitted - a brief test of the propulsion system revealed a very powerful RC ship which is very fast in the water - I think I will have to make something for it to tow to be able to make use of the available power.

Radio gear is a 2 channel AM receiver using throttle and rudder.

The ship will be rigged with scale navigation lights and ship/deck lighting so the ship can be used at night

12 June 2007

Continued below




rc ship plans 2

VideoCNC CNCcut2

TugBoatKeel2 TugBulk2

hermes keel3hermes clamp

tug build1 tug build 2 tug planking4

plank on frame plank on frame2

deep sea tug

free hermes tug boat plans

free download tug boat plans

Click on the thumbnails for the RC ship plans for the Hermes Deep Sea Salvage Tug or Hochsee Bergungsschlepper. - scale as required

The history and other details are available Here (German Language only)

A video of the first powered launch to check the waterline and power train is Here (1.2Mb) - free ship plans


tug engine

rudder servo tug deck onb tug boat

float test tug hull super tug

superstructure tug deep sea masts tug

HermesTug7 HermesTug

tug low shotrear deck tug

twin motor tug tug boat prop

tug speed control tug superstructure

deck tug boat build tug1

masts tug 2 test pond tug

HermesTug3 TugTowHook

masts tug hermes vide test

This was the difficult part - because there are no real plans the superstructure was build from what limited drawings and pictures I could find from the net. A bit of artistic licence has been used to get around a couple of problems and avoid remaking after making a couple of silly mistakes.

You can see from the pictures that there are twin speed controls, both rated at 220 Amps - I have decided not to use any water cooling on this ship as after repeated tests I can not get the motors or speed controls to get as hot as they do when used in my RC big foot pickup after a good run - I hope this the correct decision.

The steering servo has been sealed in place with low temp glue stick paste to stop any moisture ingress if the rudder shaft should leak.

The Deck is made from cheap 3mm ply - the planks drawn on with a pencil then scored over with a stylus. The nail holes are made with the stylus. After a couple of coats of stain, a selection of 'planks' are given extra coats to give individual coloring to enhance the planked affect.

Now the longest part of the project - fine detailing

20 June 07


To be continued

frigate video

RC Sail Boat - Brigantine "Edith Ann"

Brigantine or Hermaphrodite Brig

There are various schools of thought as to what class of sailing ship this is - having read through many articles I think the correct term of Hermaphrodite Brig is the correct one to use but I prefer Brigantine because the hermaphrodite bit reminds me of nights out in the wrong places in Bangkok

Building the hull

The build started with a foam core which was covered in fiberglass cloth and epoxy. The foam core was the hollowed out and the inside glassed - I got the ideas and techniques from watching a video on making a home made Composite Aircraft (The Europa)

You are left with a lightweight and very (I mean very) strong hull which you can stand on top of without causing damage if you so wished

To give a traditional built feel to the hull, the gunwale and buttocks (of the ship) where given a veneer of hardwood so it was hard to tell the the ship was not completely made from wood.

The deck was made from a cheap 3mm plywood which was scored and marked into planks and given a few coats of shellac dissolved in methanol (french polish stain) the score lines were lightly marked again with a black fine pointed pen before a final coat to highlight the individual plank effect

Ballast / Scale

The extended keel is a 10mm x 75mm x 660mm piece of steel running the full length of the bottom of the hull - it weighs about 4 kg - this is enough ballast to enable the ship to remain upright with wind in the sails. As you can see in the photographs the steel plate also acts as an extended keel plate. The steel ballast is a compromise on the scale lines of the bottom of the hull but without the additional ballast the ship would have no chance of sailing and would turn over in the lightest of breeze due to the large amount of sail area.

Although the Sails and Hull can be scaled down, the water and wind remains full scale so the compromise has to be made unless you want to built a static model

Control System

The control system was a bit of a guess but it seems to have turned out alright - the foremast with the Square Rigged Sails is turned by a high torque JR servo donated by my helicopter - I decided to turn the whole mast as one to save on an enormous amount of rigging and control lines

The Main Mast is fore aft rigged and is controlled by a high torque servo and a winch

I added a 540 motor and speed control so avoid not being able to sail on windless days and to recover the ship if my sailing skills where not up to scratch

After the first outing I also recommend that you use high quality battery connections to save on embarrassing swims to recover a ship drifting away in the wind - see the video clips below


Channels used on my JR PCM 9x2 (9 channel)

Throttle - Main Sail winch

Aileron - Rudder

Left Lever - Speed control for motor

Right Level - Foremast left and right swing

Aux - winch



The sails where made from a nylon material which was cut and sewn to shape by a fierce lady and hand sewn into place by my totally unsuitable fat fingers - the fierce one had had enough and I thought it better not to ask her to help anymore.

A surprising amount of rope is needed for the rigging - I had to buy in more on two occasions to get the sails finished and support the two masts


As usual the most amount of time is spend on the small details - the main part is a highly simplified version of the rigging

Ship Videos Here - free Sailing Ship Plans


Further Information and Plans Here

Have a look at Jan's excellent site for more info on Square Rigged Ships


brigantine free plans for brigantine rc brigantine brigantine edith ane brig plans side view

close up rigging

flyer plans

Aquarama Plans



brig deck

view of deck and masts


foremast brigantine rigging

main mast brigantine rigging


brig rigging

brigantine sails

Brig Plans free brigantine plans

Please click on the picture to download the 4 page RC Ship Plans in PDF format


Please donate 1$ or any amount you see fit to help with the costs of running this site



Sailing Video and Glitches

Here is a short clip of the first test in a lake and the video clip on the right is a lesson in using cheap battery connectors - 100m out and the controls go dead and when rescued the connector given the magic wiggle and all working. Range test ok - The connector had a loose fitting pin.

To avoid regular 200m round trip swims the battery connectors have been changed for high quality connectors and just for good measure a new JR PCM 7 channel receiver has been fitted

brig battery fail vid

brigantine masts

cargo hold brig

cargo brig

float test brigantine

RC Ship Plans and RC Boat Plans for download free - a collection of free ship plans for model ship and model boats that I have built. You will find the plans and build pictures for each model on this page - Now updated with a new Page 2 and Sail Boat Plans Page by John Tomlinson

Click Here For Frame Kit AutoCAD Plans

free plan boathydro plan

Model Steam Boat Plans

The model Steam Boat Plans section has been included in the Steam Engine Plans page - please click on the link above to go to the list of free plans


Crawler Crane Plans

Not really a ship but many Ships have Lattice Boom Cranes on deck - especially construction barges and all Dockyards have a crawler crane.

RC Crawler Crane RC Lattice Boom Crawler Crane RC Crane RC Crane

Click on the thumbnails to go to the crane page for more details - plans coming soon


RC Crane Barge Plans

Plans to build a 1/20th Scale Crane Barge to accompany the RC Crawler Crane Plans

RC Crane Barge Plans 20th Scale RC Crane Barge Plan Set Crane Barge Pontoon Plan

The plan set is based on a 75 ft. pontoon with a 45t lattice boom Crawler Crane.

RC Crane and Barge Plans RC Crane Barge 40t 20th scale crane barge plans

Built at 1/20th scale, the replica model Crane Barge is 1.75 ft long (1.1m) and 1.3 ft wide 0.4m which provides a net buoyancy of over 15kgs for the RC crane activities

Heavy Lift Crane Pontoon Plans Crane Barge Plans Download Crane Barge and crawler Crane Plans

The Jack Up Crane Barge has Legs with a Pin system to provide additional stability during lifting.

Model Crane Barge Replica Crane Barge Plans Crane Barge with Lattice Boom Crane Crawler Crane on Pontoon Model

The plans are in AutoCAD format, copied in Adobe PDF format for those model Engineers who do not have access to AutoCAD Software.

RC Crane and Barge RC Crane Scale plans Crane and Barge Plan Set Crane and Barge Radio Control RC Crane Barge Plans

Go to the RC Crane Plans Page for More Info



Other Boat Plans

Listed below are a selection of free plans to download - I have not made any of these models (yet) but the plans seem to be reasonable and enough detail to make a good model ship on the first attempt.



mistral boat plan mistral boat plans 2 Mistral Plans - in pdf format 2.25mb in size


Strongbow Paddle Steamer

A great set of plans over 60 pages with instructions for a Paddle Steamer Tug Boat - a comprehensive set of plans with good detail.

paddle steamer plans paddle steamer plans sternpaddle steamer plans bow paddle steamer plans

paddle steamer plans paddle steamer plansStrongbow Paddle Steamer Plans - in pdf format 12.8mb in size


Klimek Tug Boat Plans

The Harbour Tug Klimek was built in Gdansk in 1958.

Designed in the office of Tabor Sea in Gdansk, she was built by the Gdansk Repair Shipyard.

Klimek was designed for pulling barges in ports, estuaries and lagoons.

She was operated by Danzig Enterprise Works Czerpainych and Underwater.

TugBoatPlans Large Scale Klimek Free Plans

Klimek Tug Boat - Length 16.22m, Width 15m, Height 4.2m.

Click Here for the Free Plan Set in 1/30th Scale - Klimek Tug Boat Free Plans

The following information and drawings/blueprints is contained in the Klimek 20th Scale Frame and Large Format Plan Set

Klimek Full Brlueprints Klimek Blueprints Set Klimek Blueprints

Large Format Blueprints for the Klimek Tugboat with Build Pictures and Large Format White Paer Plans, AutoCAD Files and GCode Files with PDF copies

Klimek Large Scale Build Photo Klimek Frame Kit plans Klimek 20th Scale Frame Kit and Cabin with Deck

See Video of the Completed Tug Boat Model at the bottom of this page

Klimek Large Scale build Klimek Tug Boat 20th Scale Kit Tug Boat Frame Plans

Klimek Plans Klimek Plans Klimek Frame Kit

Click Here to go to the Klimek Tug Boat 1/20th Scale Premium Plan Set



Sailing Ship and Sail Boat Plans are Here


Frame Kit Plans - AutoCAD & GCode Files & Full Sized PDF Templates to cut Frame Kits are Here


Riva Aquarama Wooden Frame Kits Plans and CNC GCODE - Click Here


Riva Aquarama Special 50" Large Scale Model Frame Kit plans and CNC GCode - Click Here


Aphrodite 1/20th Scale Model Frame Kit CNC GCODE for Laser Cutting or CNC Mills - Click Here


PT Boat 1/20th Scale AutoCAD Plans and GCODE for CNC - Click Here


Baby Gar 1/10th Scale Frame Kit Plans - Click Here


Flyer Hydroplane 1/4th Scale Model Frame Kit Plans and GCODE for Laser or CNC Mills - Click Here


Baby Bootlegger GCode Files and AutoCAD Frame Kit Plans - Click Here


Frame Kit Plan Templates In Adobe PDF Format that can be printed on a Home Printer - Click Here


Baby Bootlegger V-bottom racer

bboom planbb bootlegger premium plans baby bootlegger premium plans

V-bottom Gold Cup racer from the 1920's Baby Bootlegger won the 1924–25 Gold Cup and Harmsworth trophy.

Plans include build pictures, parts and instructions in pdf format and are in a zipped file which is 1.1mb with video and build pics

See the Baby Bootlegger Premium Upgrade Plans for CNC compatible AutoCAD Plans and have you local shop machine the frames


The hull is constructed from 3mm Balsa Planking over CNC cut Plywood frames. The outerskin is Teak veneer which is sanded and finished with 2 pack High Gloss Varnish - See the end of the video clip for build photographs

Click here for the Premium Baby Bootlegger Download

Click Here for the Frame Kit Plans in AutoCAD and Adobe PDF Template Format

baby boot premium download Baby Bootlegger CNC baby bootlegger Baby Bootlegger premium plans


Build a Seagoing U.S. Coast Guard Buoy Tender Scale Model

US Coastguard uoy Tender USCG Buoy Tender Ship

Plans for a Scale Model United States Coast Guard Buoy Tender Ship - Plans are free to download in Adobe .pdf format here



Calypso - The Dive Exploration Ship Owned by Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Calypso Scuba Dive Ship plans Calypso - Jacques Cousteau Ship Plans Calypso Ship Model Plans

The plans to build a model of the famous ship belonging to the father of Scuba Diving - Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Download the Plans, Instructions and history in Adobe pdf format here



More Free Plans on Model Boat and Ship Plans - Page 2














More free model boat and ship plans on Page 2


Model Sailing Ship Plans


Classic Wooden Boat Plans Download - Click Here

The Classic Wooden Boat Plans page also has Plans Printing instructions for Tiled Plan Sets and Section on Radio Controlled Hardware with RC Ship Wiring Diagrams for Brushed And Brushless motor Set -Ups - this is an ideal help for those model boat builders who wish to convert a model ship or boat into a Radio Controlled Model Ship

Riva Aquarama Plans babay bootlegger plans flyer plans


Frame Kit Plans for the above are available Here




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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