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Trail running, Mountain Biking and Walking (Hiking) in Thailand has been a passion of mine for a long time, exercise being the best way to get rid of the stress of a day at work.

Moving around the world and eventually settling in Thailand, primarily based in Bangkok, I have found many interesting trails and walks along with many off-road cycling routes that will take you off the beaten track in Thailand.

If you are new to the scene, unfamiliar with the local areas a great way to start Trail Walking, Running or just general exploring the countryside is to get in touch with a local Hash House Harriers group. These groups meet up, usually weekly, and set up a small area for food and drinks, sometimes even seating for a modest run fee.  Two or more members will have set a trail over varied terrain, off-road if outside the main city, with a walking trail and running trail. Following the trail will take you on a new adventure within your capabilities. The Hash groups are almost all Dog Friendly and many runners and walkers bring along thier legged family members for a good exercise.

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For more background information on Hashing please visit:

Hashing in Thailand with Covid in 2020


Lanna Bush Hash Run in Chiang Rai, Thailand



Pattaya Hash House Harriers 2020



Links to Hash House Harrier websites in Thailand:


Bangkok Hash House Harrier Kennels This website covers all the Bangkok based Hash Groups with details on dates, timings, locations etc.

This website includes Siam Sunday, Bangkok Monday, Bangkok Harriettes, Bangkok Thursday, Full Moon and Bangkok Hash


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Pattaya Hash House Harriers, the first in Pattaya, is a mixed hash running every Monday since 1984. So join us for a little running or walking and a drop or two of the Amber Nectar. We have serious runners, joggers, strollers and the barely ambulatory so there is always a group to suit your hashing style.

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The Pattaya Jungle H3 is a family-friendly mixed hash, where everyone is welcome to Rumble in the Jungle”



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Trails, GPX, KMZ Downloads for Trail Running and Mountain Biking in Thailand

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Some of my favourite Hiking and Running Trails in Thailand


Off the Beaten Track in Thailand


Minburi Old Market - Catch a fast Boat Taxi from here!


ตลาดเก่ามีนบุรี Minburi Old Market - A walk around the Market and surrounding area. No commentary, just a walk off the beaten path in Minburi, a suburb of Bangkok.

Catch a fast Longtail Taxi Boat from Here! Explore Thailand for free, meet the people and find the places that are never visited by tourists.


A Fast Boat on the Bangkok Canals


Travel on a 100km/h taxi boat from Minburi Market, miss all the Bangkok traffic and enjoy the experience.


Mountain Bike Riding in Thailand

Canal Path Trails in Bangkok - Short Cut and avoid Bangkok Traffic!