Engine Plans and Steam Engines in Thailand and Air Driven Tools

This page contains links to the Steam Engine Plans page and the Jet Engine Plans pages. The main subject of this section of my site is full size Live Steam Engines that I have found in Thailand including Steam Traction Engines, Stationary and Transportable Steam Engines and Steam Trains. The page will be updated as I find more engines to photograph and research

Steam Engine Plans

3 pages of Plans for model steam engines and photographs of a few of my working models and projects. All of the steam engines where built using normal home workshop tools and a minilathe. Beginners should start with the bar stock engines (Elmers engines No. 19 has been recommended as a good starting engine) See Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3



Jet Engine Plans

Plans for Basic jet turbine engines along with some pictures of the first engine that I made and pictures of the latest project - jet engine plans will be added to the site for download when the engines are finished


Model IC Engine Plans

Various types of Internal Combustion Engines for the more experienced model builder. Engines that run on Propane, Petrol, Diesel, Methanol and NitroMethane are included . Plans for the engines are free to download.


Owl Castings UK

Over the last decade Owl Castings have become one of the UK’s largest producer of full size and scale model castings for live steam locomotives and traction engines. We have cast every possible casting that would be used to build live steam traction engines and locomotives in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our metal castings span brass, bronze and iron, we even work in aluminium. We regularly cast metal components for all scales of live steam locomotives including, 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.75”, 5”, 7.25” and 10.25” also including 45mm narrow gauges.







The rest of this page has a selection of articles and Plans that do not have a home on other pages - please scroll down to browse the Old Books and Steam Engine Operating Instructions and other information


Armstrong Whitworth V4 Air Motor (from an Air Powered Drill circa 1922)

Armstrong Whitworth V4 Air Drill Motor Armstrong Whitworth  & Co Pneumantic Tools V4 Air Motor Air Drill V4 Engine

The Armstrong Whitworth Pneumatic Tools Ltd V4 Air Motor from an air powered drill dating from the 1930's.

These two motors where found in a scrap dealers yard about 10 years ago and were re-used as air powered indusrial mixer motors. They have an increadible amount of torque even at low pressure.


The air powered motor is a V4 layout with the valves on inside top of the cylinders. The Patent Number on the Armstrong Whitworth Name Plate - Patent No. 167563/21 dates from 1921 in the UK.

The patent is actually for the method of attaching and securing the Con Rods to the Crank Shaft - the Specification of the Patent is:

"Improvements in and connected with Means for Securing Connecting Rods to Crank Pins and the like." and is recorded as GB-Patent-167563

Armstrong Whitworth Air Motor Patent V4 Air Motor Crank Case Removed V4 Air Motor Crank Shaft

Click Here to download the Patent Document for the Armstrong Whitworth V4 Air Powered Motor Crank Connections

Please lookat the video clip below of the Air motor running - the video show a view of the motor running with crank case removed so that the Con Rod connctions can be clearly seen.

The video also captures the excellent slow revelution speed capability of the V4 Air Motor, running on only 5 psi.

The Video Clip also shows the Motor running with one cylinder head removed, showing the tapered conical pistons used in this type of motor.



Steam Powered Helicopter - A Project just For Fun

A fun project to build a Steam Powered Helicopter - Plans, Photgraphs and Information on our Steam Powered Helicopter Build Here



Directions For Operating the Reeves Double Cylinder, Simple and Cross Compound Engines

Emerson-Brantingham Implement Co., (Incorporated )
Rockford, Illinois

Reeves Tractor Operating manual Reeves Traction Engine Operating Manual Reeves Tractor operating manual

The Operating Manual for the Steam Traction Engine and Double, Simple and Cross Compound Steam Engines by Emerson Brantingham Implement Co., Ltd

The 11 Page Operators manual is in PDF format and is available for download free Here




Ruston Proctor Steam Engine

Nakorn Sri Thammarat, Thailand

ruston steam engine ruston proctor steam engine1 ruston steam engine twin cylinder

Ruston, Proctor & Co Ltd, Engineers, Lincoln

I found this engine in Talard Park in Nakorn Sri Tammarat in Thailand. It is unrestored with a few patches to hold it together. Going on the company name this engine was manufactured between 1899 and 1918.

Click on the thumbnails or title for more info


Steam Road Roller - Albaret 1926

Manufactured by Societe Anonyme of Anciens Etablissements Albaret - Rantigny, Oise, France in 1926

steam roller albaret steam roller steam engine


Diesel Engine Story - Part 1 & Part 2



Jet Engine Plans - Home Built Jet Turbine Engine Plans

jet turbine plans jet plans jet engine build blueprints jet engine plans download

model jet engine blueprints model jet engine drawings turbine engine plans jet engine plans


turbine engine plans turbine plans


Replica Plans Link

Replica Weapon Plans and Information

Replica Browning 50 plans

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