Jet Engine Plans

by John Tomlinson

Updated July 2018

This page is the leading online resource for plans and information on working miniature jet turbine engine plans and instructions. There is a Free Jet Turbine Engine Plan Set with 3d files and other links to proven working Jet Turbine Engine Plans, along with building and running Instructions.

The plans are of models that are generally regarded as obsolete in the rc jet world, but they are an ideal starter if you wish to make your own jet engine

Research the subject well before you start. There are lots of forums, groups and websites to help you.

I purchased "Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft" by Kurt Schreckling, ISBN 0951058916 Traplet Publications - all you need to start.

See PST Jets Thailand for good quality proven engines.

Gas Turbine Engine Plans for Model Aircraft

Free plans for the model engineer - for 35 pages of Plans

TRJ-300 Garrett Jet Engine Research Papers

Build your own high powered jet turbine engine

Jet Turbine Parts jet engine parts turbine wheel


A few photo's of my MK2 Jet Turbine Engine

A rough and ready test for self sustain speed - just made it to 35000 rpm - strip and modify again .

The Jet Engine project was one of the more eye opening projects that i have ever completed - the shear power and energy produced by an engine of this type is unbelievable

until it is witnessed first hand. This type of Miniature Jet Turbine was a first generation attempt at obtain a usable Jet engine for model aircraft and used a Turbo Charger Turbine and Compressor.

My MK2 Jet self sustains with the correct exhaust temperature but with little use able thrust - it has been retired as "show your friends" piece that sits on the shelf.


JetTestStand JetMk2 JetMk2Back JetMk2Front

JuniorJet JetMK2Strip JetMk2Strip2

Free Jet Engine Plans for Download

Please do not pay for Ram Jet, Pressure Jet or Pulse Jet plans from eBay and other online sellers - all are available free of charge from John-Tom

Please scroll Down For Free Jet Engine Plans

Please be aware of the long running Daemon Jet Engine Plans Scam - Download the free plans on this website or buy the premium plans available in AutoCAD and 3D modelling format -

Gluhareff Pressure Jet

This section of the page presents details of the Gluhareff pressure jet, an air breathing engine with no moving parts apart from valves.
The Gluhareff pressure jet is a remarkable engine. It is a pure jet, producing thrust using the standard open Brayton cycle sequence of compression, heat addition by combustion, and expansion.

However, unlike the gas turbine, the work required for compression of the air is not obtained by mechanical work extracted by a turbine in the hot gas stream. Instead, the compression is driven by a Rankine cycle using the propane fuel as the working fluid.

Heat from the exhaust gas is used to vaporize the pressurized liquid fuel. The hot, high pressure propane gas is then expanded through a sonic nozzle into a series of intake ducts, where it entrains and compresses enough air to support approximately stoichiometric combustion.

The three entrainment ducts have specific lengths, which results in acoustical pumping of the air well in excess of the compression achievable by simple momentum exchange between the fuel gas and air.

The engine has no moving parts except for a throttle control valve. In contrast, a gas turbine engine has rapidly rotating, highly stressed components, some of which are operated at the temperature limits of materials for hot oxidizing environments.

The lack of moving parts makes this engine very lightweight and cheap, compared not only to a turbine engine, but even to a mass produced automotive engine. However, the current engine runs hot, has a high frontal area per unit thrust, and a somewhat awkward geometry.

The Pressure jet Engine has a fuel consumption in between rocket and turbine propulsion, but at a lower cost than either.

The engine in the plans is the G8-2-5. The pressure jet was invented and developed by one man, Eugene M. Gluhareff - these are free jet engine plans for download.

Gluhareff pressure jet Plans Gluhareff Pressure Jet Test gluhareff pressure jet view

Gluhareff Pressure Jet Helicopter Test NACA Document (2.7mb pdf)

Gluhareff Pressure Jet Helicopter Analysis NACA Document (3.9mb pdf)


Click to download

Plans are in a Zipped file 2.2mb in size and include instructions and Patent Docs and Plans


Russian PuVRD A-7 Pulse Jet

PuVRD-A-7 pulse jet plans Russian Pulse Jet Plans

Plans for a Russian Designed Pulse Jet - This is a scaled down version of a large pulse jet designed with model flight in mind.

The instructions for this model have had a cursory translation from Russian and although not perfect the instructions are easily followed.

Plans are in pdf format and are 610kb in size





Jet Motor Model ZME Pulse Jet

ZME Pulse Jet Plans Jet Engine Pulse Plan

A plan drawn up in March 1945 by the Aircraft-Jet & Rocket Corp in the USA, this Pulse Jet Engine Plan if for a jet engine suitable for model projects and has suggestions for mounting on a model boat or aircraft

Plans are in pdf format and are 1.9mb in size


Mechanical Engineering Papers on Pulse Jets

MechEng Pulse Jets pulse Jet Mech Eng Papers

mech Eng Pulse Jet pulse jet engine

The following papers are from Mechanical Engineers studying for Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. They are in pdf format and are free to download

There is a great amount of information, plans, test results and failures detailed in the reports - a must read if you are planning on building a homemade Pulse Jet Engine.

Mechanical Engineering Pulse Jet Paper 1 - 2.64mb

Mechanical Engineering Pulse Jet Paper 2 - 2.8mb

Mechanical Engineering Pulse Jet Paper 3 - 2.38mb

Click on the underlined links to download the documents


Aero Pulse Jet Engine Plans

Aero Pulse Jet Plans

A simple set of Pulse jet Plans for a 610mm long Jet Engine - Russian Designed Jet Engine Plan - Download the PDF format Jet Engine Plans Here


German V1 Buzz Bomb Engine Plans

German V1 Pulse Let Engine Plans V1 Doodlebug bomb Engine Plans Plans for a reproduction German V1 Pulse Jet Engine

This type of Pulse Jet was used to propel the V1 flying bombs during WW2 - this was the predecessor to the modern Cruise Missile. Plans are in PDF format - Download the Blueprint Plans for the V1 pulse jet Here


Didgeridoo Pulse Jet Drawing Plans and Instructions

Didgeridoo Pulse Jet Blueprint Plans A 7 Page Plan Set to make the Didgeridoo Pulse Jet which is 558mm long when completed.

An ideal home workshop project for the home builder - it is an ideal easy to follow plan to make a Model Jet Engine. Download the plans Here


Peter Luhmann Pulse Jet Plans

Perer Luhmann Pulse Jet plans A seven Page Jet Construction Plan Set with Instructions - Download the Home Made Pulse Jet Plan Set here


Pulso 1 Pulse Jet plans

Pulso Pulse Jet Plans A large format plan for a pulse jet - all dimensions are clearly marked for this 835mm long Jet Engine - Download here


Pulso 3 pulse Jet Engine Plans

Pulso3 Jet Engine Plans Download

Another large format plan for a pulse jet - this Pulse Jet is 737mm in length and 152mm in diameter - Download the PDF format file here


Alpha Pulse Jet Engine Plans

Alpha Pulse Jet Engine Plans Download Pulse Jet Drawing for the Construction of a Home made Jet Engine - Download Here


Atom Pulse Jet Engine Plans

Atom Jet Engine plans Sheet 1 Atome jet Engine Plans Sheet 2 Atom Pulse Jet Drawn in 1:2 scale plans - this 2 page plan set is in Adobe PDF format.

Download the Jet Engine Drawings For the Atom Pulse Jet here


B10 Pulse Jet

B10 Pulse Jet Engine Plans A very brief Single Page Plan to make a Jet Engine - Download Plans here


B12 Jet Engine Build Plans

B12 Pulse Jet Single Page Pulse Jet Engine Plans - Download the drawing here


Brauner Jet Engine Construction Plans

Brauner Jet Engine Brauner Jet Engine Template Plans for building a home made Jet Engine Download the free plans here


Chinese Designed Valveless Pulse Jet Plans

Chinese Desinged Pulse Jet Plans A plan set to build a Chinese Designed Valveless Pulse Jet for .013 Stainless Steel Sheet - Dimensions are in Inches - Download Here


Soviet Clunker Jet

Soviet Clunker Jet Plans A more Complicated Jet Engine plan on 1 page with Russian Instructions- Download Here


Craft Pulse Jet Aircraft Plans

Craft Jet Aircraft Plans A two page set of plans in PDF format for a Pulse Jet and Aircraft with Instructions and Materials List - Download Here


J Houston Maupin "Build You Own Jet Engine" Plan

J Houston Maupin Build Your Own Jet Plans Build Your Own Jet Engine - One Page Plan set from the USA - download here


Russian One Page Pulse Jet Plans

Russian Jet Plans - 5 pages 5 One Page Russian Designed Pulse Jet Plans in PDF Format - Download Here

RC Ship Plans

Live Steam Engine Plans

Plans Index

Brenot Pulse Jet Plans

French Brenet pulse Jet PlansA four Page Plan Set in French with Instructions - Download here


Tempest II Pulse Jet from Hermann Rommler Modelbau

Tempers2 - Hermann Rommler Modelbau Jet Plans A single Page Jet Engine Plan in German - Download here


Tiger Engineering Co - Tiger Jet Plans

Tiger Engineering Pulse Jet Plans Tiger Pulse Jet 2 page Jet Plan Set

A two page Japanese designed Pulse Jet Plan Set in Adobe PDF format - Download here


Turbocharger Turbo Jet Engine - Free with Jet Turbine Plan Set

Turbojet homemadeturbocharger Jet Engine

Trubocharger Jet Engine Turbo jet plans



Gas Turbine Jet Engine Plans for Model Aircraft

Free Download - an excellent set of plans for a home built, diy or home workshop Gas Turbine Jet Engine

A fully functional Gas Turbine Jet engine similar to a Schreckling and KJ66 miniature Jet Engine - plans to build your own jet engine - 60 pages of quality Vector Graphics in PDF format - zoom to any level with no distortion, can be imported into compatible CNC software directly.

jet turbine plans miniature jet turbine planMiniature Jet Turbine Plans for model aircraft - in pdf format 3.5Mb in size


Free KJ66 Upgrade Plans and 3D part files

Easy to follow upgrade plans to improve the performance of a KJ66 miniature Jet Turbine Engine - free with Gas Turbine Plans

kj66 upgrade plans kj66 upgrade plans for jet engine kj66 upgrade plans

Plans For The KJ66 Upgrade to improve performance and G Code Toolpath files to CNC Machine your own Turbine Blade

Free Turbo Charger Jet Engine Plans and 3D Models of Parts

Step By Step Guide with detailed instructions on how to make your own homemade turbo jet engine from a turbocharger

This Booklet was written by E Springer in 2001 and is a commonly quoted source for Turbocharger based Jet Turbines and is included free with the plan set.


jet engine parts jet engine plans 3d jet turbine plans

jet engine plans jet turbine plans combustion chamber

Jet Engine Plans and 3D Models of Parts and Jet Engine AutoCAD Files

Free to download Jet Engine plans in Adobe .pdf format and in AutoCAD dwg / dxf format.

Click here to download the free Jet Engine Plans

Click here to download the free 3d Model Files for the Jet Engine


turbine plans turbine plans over 60 pages of detailed plans


Wren Turbines Turbo Jet and Turbo Prop Home Build Plans

A proven and popular home build jet engine with fully dimensioned plans and operating instructions. The MW 54 Jet Turbine Engine Plan Set is free to download.


Jet Turbine Home Build Plans Turboprop Jet Engine Plans free

Build your own fully functional Jet Turbine from free plans and instructions.

Wren Turbines Ltd. have made their plan sets and Jet Turbine Build Instructions Free to download.

A professional set of plans with a proven track record is now a major asset for the home builder.

Jet Engine Plans and Instructions for home construction - 12lb thrust @160,000 rpm - free download here

Turbo Prop Jet Engine for home build, Plans and Instructions - free download here - free Turbo Prop Jet Engine Pans here

Parts are available from Wren Turbines Ltd in UK for very reasonable prices.


Home Build Turbo Charger Jet Engine Plans - Free Download

Plans, Calculations and Build Instructions, this is the Bible for the turbocharger Home Build Gas Turbine

A Step By Step Guide with detailed instructions on how to make your own homemade turbo jet engine from a turbocharger

This Booklet was written by E Springer in 2001 and is a commonly quoted source for Turbocharger based Jet Turbines

This booklet is free of charge and can be downloaded along with the free Jet Engine Plans by clicking on the link below

Turbocharger Jet Engine Plans and Instructions Booklet

Turbocharger Jet Engine Plans Free Click Here for the Free Turbocharger Jet Engine Plans And Instructions




The Daemon Jet Engine Scam

old Jet view plans old Jet Prototype Plan Old Jet Prototype Plans demon jet turbine

Do Not Pay For Jet Engine Plans - They Are Free Of Charge To Download

Plans in PDF Format, 5 pages which are 605kb in size - FREE but hardly worth the download time if you want to build a Jet Model Engine!!!

Plans for an old "Pre-Shreckling" prototype Jet Turbine Engine - plans are incomplete and not detailed. The design probably would not produce enough thrust to be anything more than a static display model if it could reach self sustain speed. Obsolete Design and very heavy build. Often sold as Home built Jet Engine Plans

UPDATE - after a little searching I found the source of the plans - the infamous Savoy Scientific "Screamin' Demon" - I have been contacted by many peope who paid for the plans from and where far from happy. It is rumored that these Turbo Jet plans (if they can be called that) are still for sale today on the web - beware of any daemon you may come across while searching for a Jet Engine Plan - you may be a victim of one of the longest running Jet Plan scams of all time.

sreamin demon screamin demon turbo jet screamin demon

The new online seller of this attempt at a miniature Jet Turbine Plan Set now includes a claim that their plans have been "expanded to include all necessary details"

This proves that the plan set in it's previous format was incomplete - and is still based on the obsolete and non practical Savoy Daemon Gas Turbine prototype.

The video on the new seller's website is not the Jet engine in the plans - big heavy, overweight with an exhaust nozzle glowing red to white hot just proves that the seller has no idea how a true miniature jet turbine engine should look and perform.

Just imagine having a red to white hot fire bomb inside your RC jet!

"You Pays Your Money, and You Takes Your Choice!!!!!!

Do Not Pay For Jet Engine Plans - They Are Free Of Charge To Download




Piston Jet Engine Hybrid

Jet Piston Engine Plans

A Hybrid Piston Jet Engine for the experiment hungry home builder - a great project

In PDF format 1.2mb in size - Download the free Jet Engine Plans Here




Small 10" Ram Jet Engine For Models

Free Jet Engine Plans

Plans for a 10" ram jet suitable for models in PDF format 1mb in size

Download the Free ram Jet Engine Plans Here





Free Jet Turbine Design and Prototype Drawings and Blueprints

Free Jet Turbine engine drawing Jet Turbine Blueprints

Jet Turbine design Drawings in PDF Format 285kb in size

Download the free Jet Engine Plans and Blueprints Here


Proposed Design for A Small Gas Turbine

Plans and description for a small Gas Turbine Engine from The Model Engineer issue in October 1947

Click Here for the Plans in PDF Format 4 pages, 300kb in size


Inside The Pulse Jet - By Fredrik Westburg

A 39 page Document on how to Design and Build a Pulse Jet Engine - With FAQ's and Blueprints included

In PDF Format, 39 Pages that is 0.5mb in size. Click here to download the Pulse Jet Design and Build Document


Air Technical Service Command - Restricted Document from 1947

Jet Propulsion - Pulse Jets Document in PDF format on Compressor less Thermojets from the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory.

22 Pages that are in PDF Format that is 0.5mb in size. Click Here to download the Pulse Jet Restricted Document


turbine plans