by John Tomlinson


Mr. Elmer Verburg and his steam engine designs

Dedicated to the memory of Curly Lawrence "LBSC"

LBSC was the pen name of Curly Lawrence, one of the United kingdom's best known and most prolific model steam engine locomotive designers.

Curly Lawrence was born on the 27th of September in 1883. LSBC published 113 Steam Engine Related Designs and drafted 29 unpublished designs.

He died on 4 November 1967 having made his last contribution to Model Engineer Magazine only one month before.

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Doris LBSC Plan Doris 3 1/2 " Gauge Class 5 Loco

In PDF Format, 78 Pages, 2.5MB in size Click here for the plan set


Dot LBSC Plans Dot Simple Locomotive (half sized Doris)

In PDF format, 44 pages, 1.7MB in size - Click here for the plan set


Juliet Locomotive plans by LSBC 3 1/2 " Gauge Juliet 3 1/2" Gauge Locomotive by LBSC

In PDF format, 78 pages, 2.5MB in size - click here for the plan set


Rose Locomotive by LBSC Rose Beginners Locomotive by LBSC

In PDF format, 36 Pages, 4MB in Size - Click Here to download


Titch 3 1/2" Gauge Locomotive - 5.6MB in Size 201 pages

Click Here to download the LBSC Titch Plans



Virginia Steam Engine

112 pages in PDF format - 3.3 MB in size - Click here to download



Owl Castings UK

Over the last decade Owl Castings have become one of the UK’s largest producer of full size and scale model castings for live steam locomotives and traction engines. We have cast every possible casting that would be used to build live steam traction engines and locomotives in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our metal castings span brass, bronze and iron, we even work in aluminium. We regularly cast metal components for all scales of live steam locomotives including, 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.75”, 5”, 7.25” and 10.25” also including 45mm narrow gauges.





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