How many Sofas can you get on a pickup truck

This looks more like a record attempt that a normal daily occurrence - maximize company profits by putting your semi load of merchandise on a 1 ton pickup and watch the profit roll in

Empty bottles?

Net Profit? I would like to see how they loaded this pickup truck - unloading will be very fast after the net is removed


Plant delivery

Express delivery from your local branch

Heavy Plant delivery

The photos need no comment

What seems to be the problem officer?

One that didn't get away!

Overloaded Motorcycles

The use of motorcycles for delivery of parts is common in many countries but using motorcycles to deliver loads that you would normally put in a pickup is common place.

Another strange site is motorcycle Taxis where you sit as pillion passenger on the bike for a negotiated fee - the women sometimes sit side saddle on the bikes - photos to follow

Family bikes with Father, Mother and up to 2 kids on one bike are also common


Estimate the weight

Try to estimate just how much they have managed to load onto this 1 ton pickup - the sacks are a minimum of 30kg - probably 50kg - every credit to Toyota for making a pickup that can withstand this abuse

over weightoverweightmotorcycle overloadmotorcycleoverloaded motorcylcefamilyBike
pickup overbarrel overboxer overloadbarrel 2rubbish2 overloadrubbish overload
over puckuphouse pickuphouse pickup2
tall overloadmotorway overloadhairy overloadlobsided load
police Stop


Loads Of Fun

While traveling in Asia, there has been some opportunities to take some interesting photographs, click on the slide shows or thumbnails for some amazing views

Most of the photographs are spur of the moment snaps so quality comes second to subject

The police seem to turn a blind eye to unbelievably overloaded pickups and light trucks, seeing broken axles and serious accidents is commonplace.

The connection between dangerously overweight vehicles and needless accidents does not seem to have been made - yet

Click on the links below to see some of the best overloaded and overweight vehicles on the planet -


overload sofa

over load bottles

overloaded plant illigal overload

overloaded plant plants

Click HERE for a slide show of more overloaded mayhem

Click HERE for the latest slide show - July 06


The photos below have been taken over a couple of years in and around Bangkok and its heavy relentless traffic problems - the main reason for this overloading (apart from total disregard for safety of drivers and other road users by the offending companies) is the Heavy Vehicle Curfew in the Bangkok Metropolitan area - The vehicles over 4 ton Gross Vehicle Weight are only allowed to travel in the metropolitan area between 1000hrs - 1500hrs during the day and 2200hrs 0600hrs during the night

After these times you have to be out of the area or off the roads - so rather than chance being caught in traffic and getting fined by the police - no excuses for being on the road, breakdown, flat tire, fire, accident or standing traffic - you are fined without redress

Please click on the pictures below - these are a selection of many overloaded vehicles in Bangkok and Thailand that I have managed to snap

leaning overload overload pickup hgv overload