A short clip of a test run at 75% throttle - GPS speed reading of 56km/h
A clip of me on U ee's single engine Hovercraft
Engine trouble - low power then cut out

My Hovercraft

If you would like to have a go at your own hovercraft, first and most important - get a good set of plans and follow them to the letter. It will save a huge amount of time. If you are in UK join the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain and join the forum, read the literature then make a decision.

Other hovercraft organizations are listed HERE



If you are in Thailand - email me at Xbokcedar@hotmail.com - remove the X from the address

or K.Surachet (Uee) at Xsurachetm@thaiairways.com - remove the X from the address




These projects where not an attempt at producing a high speed racing craft. Done as a sideline hobby the craft where try out prototypes using second hand engines over 20yrs old which where begged and borrowed - the most expensive engine used on all 3 craft was only 200 pounds sterling - buying the latest Rotax or Wirth engine with 100hp and going for a UK formula 1 style racer is and was possible but not wanted.

One of the biggest challenges was to get the hovercraft over "hump speed" in water with limited power - again it would be easy to run around on hard ground but the group decided that we would make a craft that would start on water so the design had to up to scratch.

The construction was a team effort with wife/girlfriends helping out - even to the point of cutting fiberglass (dressmaking practice) and mixing resin on lay up days. A lot of work and the Thai weather (never below 30deg C or 86deg F) makes any type of work outside an uncomfortable time.

The engineering and drive train where done by Tawee Karn Charng of Lam Lukar (Klong 16) just outside of Bangkok. The workshops and garaging where rented from TKC also
























Video Clips







A longer video clip of shots from a typical days hovering - A few shots of my first hovercraft with a bag skirt.