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Plans for Aircraft, Boats, Tanks, Crawler Crane, Excavators and even a Duck



Ultimate Biplane

Ultimate Biplane Plans 3.4Mb - Collection of plans and photos and manuals for the ultimate Biplane (0.40 - 0.60 size)

Ultimate Build Slideshow - 5.5Mb

Ultimate BiPlane AutoCAD Plaans Ultimate Bipe Plans Biplane dxf plans Ultimate Bipe DXF plans



RC Boat Plans

Clyde puffer Plans Clyde Puffer Large Scale Plans RC Ship Plans RC Ship and Boat Plans

RC Battle Ship Plans Click here for hundreds of free boat and ship plans



FireFighter Outrigger Boat and other Fast Electric plans

Powerboat plans videoClick here to got to the RC Powerboat Pages




Radio Control Crane Plans


I have been working alonside crawler cranes for many years and I thought building a scale model of one would be an interesting project.


jib stops boom pulley block boom pulley block upper scale crawler crane



boom paint scale crawler undercoat back crane crane boom paint

Click here for plans and updated photographs of the crawler crane project


Replica Weapon Plans and Blueprints

Cheytac Intervention Colt 45 plans Browning 30 cal plans

Winchester Shotgun Plans

A collection of Inert Replica Guns and Rifles for the home builder


Liebherr 50ton Hydraulic Excavator Plans

Model Excavator plans AutoCAD Plans for Model Excavator Model Excavator plans Model Excavator Drawings

Click here to go to the Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator Plans in 1/16th scale