RC flying in Thailand

Thai RC Airfield – Overview

Most Thai RC Airfields are staffed 7 days a week and are usually privately owned.  Field charges vary from 20baht to 200baht per frequency per day for non members.
Club membership fees are around 1000baht (15 pounds stirling) per annum and members pay half price for frequency clips.

The airfields are well staffed and have assistants who will help with the long walks.
For those who like it, the assistants will if asked -  start your engine, carry your aircraft to the runway and assist with any pre-flight checks.  The assistant will collect it after landing (or crashing) and bring it to your bench and clean it for you – all for a small tip at the end of the day (50 to 100 baht)
Free 240v 50Hz and 12V DC power supply to every bench is standard.

Most Airfields have a café open 7 days a week and offer repair services for engines and crash damage (very high standard of workmanship)
Instructors are available for lessons and some Airfields have international standard Pattern and freestyle pilots who will instruct and coach
Helicopters and Fixed wing are welcome at all airfields, larger sized pattern and scale aircraft tend to go to the fields with the longer asphalt runways.


Airfields Near Bangkok

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Sri Samarn



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