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Updated July 2018

Page 3 of the popular John-Tom Steam Engine Plans for Free Model Engine Downloads by John Tomlinson - Please click on the links to download the relevant files

Please Contact Me if you have any questions or if you would like to Share you own plans on this page - full credit and links to relevant websites will be given.


13 Amp Plug Steam Engine

A simple live steam engine made from a UK standard 13Amp Electrical Plug - all stock parts taken from a donor plug - a great little project

13 amp plug steam engine plans Plans in PDF format 209kb in size


David Kerzel Twin V CO2 Engine

Plans and instructions with build photographs for a mini 2V CO2 engine

Co2 Engine Plans Kerzel CO2 Engine plans kerzel engine plans

12 pages of plans and instructions in pdf format 1.3mb in size



Stirling Engine by Jean Fernand

Detailed Plans and 3D views of a Stirling engine - a good set of plans with assembly drawings and views produced with a 3D modelling package

French Engine plans Stirling Engine Plans in PDF format - 21 pages of plans that are 1.4mb in size

3D Renderings of this model engine are available courtesy of Arian Shamil at Arian Design at Grabcad




Single Cylinder Vertical Steam Engine

German Single Engine Plans German Single Vertical Plans Plans in PDF format, 10 pages and 500kb in size







Hobbit Engineering - "David" Steam Engine by By Alan Marconett

The David steam engine is a simple oscillating steam engine, ideal for the beginner.

Hobbit Engine plans for "David" in PDF format - 6 pages which are 280 kb in size



Hilde - Simple Steam Engine - Hans Krause

Krause Engine Plans PDF format 13 pages and 500kb in size

Plans and instructions for a Steam Engine with a valve - a good start for a "non-wobbler" engine





Midget Steam Engine

Old Mag Steam Engine Plans

Build a steam engine at home - 6 pages in PDF format that are 1.7mb in size


Poppin Vacuum Engine

Thanks to P-Mick from Usinages Modelling Forum

Poppin Engine

Miniature vacuum engine plans in English - 8 pages, 1mb in size




River Queen Marine Steam Engine

River Queen Engine river queen john-tom Steam Engine Plans Steam Engine Plans Marine

A great set of plans for a marine steam engine - a great project for a steam boat power plant

Plans and instructions are in PDF format. The plan set for the river queen is 9 pages and 3.7mb in size


Simplified Steam Engine

An engine that can be built without a lathe

Simple steam engine plans PDF format, 5 pages which are 1.0mb in size




Solar Powered Stirling Engine

Solar Stirling Plans

This amazingly Green Hot Air Engine runs on the most common heat source know to man - the Sun

A solar powered engine has been the goal for many inventors who have strived to improve the power to weight ratio
so that the engine can be used in a broad range of applications.

This great science project has ample power to drive a small model pump or turn a small fan for display purposes.

Driven by the heat from the Sun, this engine could with a bit of "spin" be called a Zero Emissions Thermo Nuclear Sterling Engine

At night, the engine can be removed from the solar reflector and powered by good old fossil fuels or any convenient heat source.

Equipment needed for building this Hot Air Engine are the usaul home workshop tools and equipment and the use of a Mini-Lathe
and Drill Press

Plans to build a small solar powered heat engine.

6 pages of plans and instructions to make a super green free energy solar powered engine - you just have to make one of these!

Plans are in PDF format and are 1.0mb in size


Dual Concentric Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler Plans Plans for a Steam Boiler, 7 pages and 250kb in size

Plans include details of all safety valves and fittings





Sterling Engine Blueprint

sterling engine blueprint Detailed plans for a Sterling Engine

Plans and instructions in PDF format, 14 pages and 2.1mb in size


Sterling Air Cooled Engine

sterling engine plans Popular Science 1961

Once the flame is lit, this charming hot air engine heats up for action in less than a minute.

The Hot Air Engine, or Stirling Engine is now back on the desks of researchers and scientists

due to the engines almost unique ability to run on any heat source.

Many free engergy sources can be used to heat this type of engine, such as hot springs, solar power and even ice and snow.

In this easy to make model Stirling Engine, the heat source fueled by alcohol.

The engine if built to the specifications given, is capable of driving small models, pumping water or turning a fan.

The Hot Air Engine does not require castings, but does require some turning on a mini-lathe and the use of a drill-press.

The usual home workshop tools and equipment are required to make this model Hot Air Sterling Engine and is free to download

Plans in PDF format, 6 pages, 1.1mb in size


Four Stroke Single Cylinder Engine

engine Plans in PDF Format - 18 pages and 330kb in size




Walking Beam Engine

walking beam engine plansPlans are in PDF format, 5 pages and 1.3mb in size

In his patent of 1784, James Watt made improvements to the steam engine
One of his improvements was the parallel link motion, and this model replicates this function.
The piston is driven vertically up and down in the cylinder by regulated steam from the boiler.

The vertical motion is converted by the walking beam to radial motion at the crankshaft.

The valve that controls the direction of the steam in the Double Action Cylinder is controlled by an eccentric mounted on
the crankshaft.

This is a marvelous project for the modell engineer and is a very visual steam engine.

The rocking motion of the beam and valve rods and the steady rotation of the flywheel will captivate onlookers.

The use of a mini-lathe is advised, along with a drill-press and the usual home workshop equipment and tools.

The Flywheel is best turned on a full sized lathe due to its size.




Single Cylinder Oscillating Steam Engine

by courtesy of Steve from

Steves Wobbler steam engine plans steam engine plans

This is a great first project - the plans are clear and well dimensioned, the project does not require brazing or silver solder and the engine works well.

The steam engine plans are in JPG format in a zipped file - 11 pages which are 600kb in size.

Do not forget to check out Steve's Website for other plans


Rocking Steam Engine

rocking steam engine rocking steam engine rocking steam engine plans

Rocking Steam Engine Plans - Liney Machine Thimble



Steam Turbine Generator

by courtesy of Christopher Vasconcelos

turbo generator turbo generator plans

trubo generator plans turbo generator

Steam Turbine Generator Plans are in PDF format 14 pages that are 1.6MB in size


Steam Pump AutoCAD Plans

Steam Pump Plans in AutoCAD 12 pages of AutoCAD 2007 plans in .dwg format - download here



EJS Wobbler - AutoCAD

The First Steam Engine that I built in my new workshop - the ideal begginers project in AutoCAD format.

EJS AutoCAD Wobbler Plans

The plans are drawn by by Erik-Jan Stroetinga - Check out the excellent website for Live SteAM tRAINS -


Narrow Gauge Live Steam Locomotive Plans in AutoCAD

Dacre 16mm scale narrow Gauge Live Steam Locomotive for 32mm or 45mm gauge Plans

EJS Steam Loco
by Erik-Jan Stroetinga - Build Photographs are at


Live Steam Engine Boiler for 5 Gauge

Stea Engine Boiler Plans

Steam Engine Boiler plans for a 5 Gauge Live Steam Train - Download Plans Here


Clayton Steam Truck 2" Scale

Clayton Steam Truck Plans and Instructions Clayton Steam Truck Plans

A 2" Scale model of the Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon - 76 pages of detailed plans to built a live steam model wagon.

File size is 4.05MB in PDF format - Click here to download the free plans


Virginia 3.5" Scale American Locomotive Plans by LBSC

Virginia 3.5" scale American Locomotive Plans 3.5" Live Steam Locomotive Plans - Virginia

An old time American Locomotive Plans and Instructions adapted by LBSC for 3 1/2 Inch Scale Live Steam

The plans are 112 Pages in Adobe PDF format and are 3.5MB in size - Click Here to download the Free Live Steam Locomotive Plans


Green Arrow Gauge 1 Live Steam Locomotive Plans

Green Arrow Locomotive Plans

51 Pages in Adobe PDF format - 1.4mb in size

The Green Arrow 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive was designed by Martin Evans and featured in the original Model Engineer Magazine in the UK in 1971

Click Here to download the Green Arrow Steam Locomotive Plan Set - Free Download plans


Newbury 4-4-0 Tender Engine - Live Steam Locomotive Plans

Newbury Live Steam Engine Plans

34 pages in PDF Format which is 1.4mb in size

Download the Newbury Tender Engine plans designed by Martin Evans and featured in the original Model Engineer Magazine in the UK in 1957


Kerosine Fired Model Steam Traction Engine Called "Julian"

A steam traction engine submitted to the Steam Engine Plans collection by JDW DRAUGHTING SERVICES

Plans are in .pdf format and are 10 pages of A3 Plans, 9MB download.

Steam Tractor Plans Julian Steam Engine Plans Steam Engine Tractor plans Replica Steam Tractor Plans

The plans are available for personal use only and are not to be offered for sale or modified without permission.


Download the "Julian" Steam Tractor Plans Here




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Naval 18 Pounder Cannon Plans

navy cannon replica plans Navy Long Cannon

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