Top Tames Annual Fun Fly Meeting

28 - 29 October 2006

The October 2006 competition was a great success, over 40 vendors, 55 competitors and visitors in the thousands over the two day event.

All the usual fun fly events where run including fixed wing and helicopter touch and go, limbo, electric and glow pylon and freestyle shows.

Please click on the links below to download or view the video clips and photo's from the fun fly weekend


The two videos below are the start and finish from one of the freestyle routines of Mr.Chuchart.who represents Thailand in the National Pattern Aerobatics Team. The aircraft is the 3D version of the Beam Pattern ship the K.Chuchart uses in competition. It is made by Mega-Models in Thailand. This particular version is Electric powered.

Pakchong RC's giant Scale

The Pilot flew this under the limbo ribbon in an excellent show of control at low level along with one wheel touch and go and slow speed flight



Mig 19 flown by Nong Fai - This model is powered by a PST J1300 with 13Kg of thrust. It also uses a gyro to help control the model in cross winds and particularly on landing - See PST Jets website

Top Tames RC Airfield and Hobby Shop

Located in Tanyaburi just outside of Bangkok, best run and organized Airfield in the area GPS Coords...14deg 02' 11.72"N & 100deg 41' 41.63"E

HERE is the Google Earth Placemark file for download (you need Google Earth - Right Click and "Save As" )

Pattern aerobatics and funfly competitions are held annually - Top Tames has been the host of Hirobo Sponsored HeliFest 2006, and Thailand F3A pattern Championships

Click HERE to view a 360deg panorama of Top Tames Airfield

Click HERE to view a 360deg panorama of Top Tames Helifield and lake

Click HERE to view the Top Tames photo Slideshow - 2.1Meg