A good site for those starting out in Model Engineering the site has threads on Good Practices and Safety in the workshop, Tutorials and lots more


Visit Kens Site - - A very informative site - from model engines to a full scale side wheel steam boat. - lots of plans and very popular


Jan's site on Square Rigged Ships is a good source of hard to find info for modelers

Bangkok RC at Wordpress - Bangkok RC Blog - Links to Steam Engine Plans and a good example of the Elbow Steam Engine on this page

Bangkok Free Time - Blog on hobbies in Thailand

World Fishing Network - 24/7 fishing Channel and Great Website for Fishing Articles

A1 Graphic Design - excellent 3D modelling


Bangkok Hooker

Click on the Bangkokhooker link to go to an excellent blog on Fishing in Thailand - A great local blog that starts to unlock some of the little known techniques and venues used by local anglers. The blog covers venues for fishing in Thailand, Rigs and Techniques for many fishing venues in and around Bangkok and Thailand in general.

Excellent photographs and prices, directions and recommendations for the angler wanting to Fish Thailand. Click Here